8 Celebrities Who Are Against Vaccination

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It is true when we say that Covid-19 has managed to turn our lives upside down. It changed our routines, it made us feel lethargic, tired, upset, unmotivated, angry, stressed out, bored, and scared. We began to fear for our own lives and for our family and friends. We saw that the existence of this virus made us realize what is actually important for us, including our health, and the people that are present in our lives.

We have learned what a lockdown is and for several months, we have experienced living only in our own homes: no going out, no walking around, no seeing friends and relatives. It seemed like everything started to get back on track since the vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 became available. But the truth is that in reality, it’s not like that. Even though doctors are advising people to get their shots, thousands of people are afraid of the vaccine.

What can you do, and how do you manage to convince them that getting vaccinated is the only way to get over this pandemic and also, fight this deadly virus? It’s already hard, but the situation gets even more difficult when public figures, such as celebrities, constantly say that they don’t agree with the vaccine. Here are a few of the stars who are against vaccination:

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3 thoughts on “8 Celebrities Who Are Against Vaccination”

  1. -35

    The so-called “vaccines” are, in fact, bioweapons. They do not prevent the virus or its transfer. The virus is, in most cases, no worse than the flu. Virtually 100% of pregnant women who received the shots lost their babies. The truth is out there if you look for it. It is all demonic and pushed by the elites to attain their goal of world population reduction to 500 million. The shots will, eventually, kill you. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are effective – and cheap – and not patentable, which is why they were discouraged and/or banned.

  2. -6

    It’s their bodies and if that is what they think, good for them. I agree. I had all of the shots and still got COVID! I am still having a lot of issues. I wish I had not got the Shots

  3. -5

    What vaccine? It’s just flu shot being passed off as a vaccine! The Polio shot was a vaccine, it prevents you from catching it, this doesn’t!


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