19 Sneaky Ways Your Employer Could Be Stealing From You


In a normal situation, you perform the job you’ve been hired to do and your employer remunerates you for your work. Unfortunately, some employers are constantly asking their employees to work more for the same amount of money, sometimes even for less, and would do anything to save money when it comes to their businesses.

There are numerous ways employers can cheat on their employees, all in the name of profit. Read on to find out some of the sneaky ways your employer could be stealing from you.


Stealing your breaks

According to the Economic Policy Institute, wage theft is one of the most common crimes against employees, committed by employers in various ways. It is especially done against low-wage workers, but overall, it deprives workers of around $50 billion a year. The most common practices include adjusting timesheets, clocking out workers for breaks or not paying overtime.

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