16 Signs People Think You’re Annoying and You Don’t Know It

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They have stopped calling, emailing, or texting you back

It’s one thing to call someone and not have them call you back. It’s also no big deal when you have a missed email reply. But it’s a completely different story when people have stopped calling, emailing and even texting you back altogether. Before you start pointing fingers, you might want to ask yourself why are they all avoiding you? Is it because you’re rude? Exasperating? Hard to be around?


Their pupils constrict

Want to know if someone thinks you’re annoying? The answer is, again, in their eyes. More specifically, in their pupils.  According to psychotherapist Stephanie Newman, Ph.D., if someone’s pupils constrict when talking to you, it’s a clear indication that their blood pressure got higher because they are irritated or annoyed with you for some reason. If you don’t know why, check out 17 Things People Do Without Realizing They’re Being Rude.


Conversations are full of awkward silences

It’s not unusual to run out of conversation topics every once in a while, but it might be a reason for concern when it happens to you a lot. People don’t just stop talking for no reason.

If what you’re saying is followed by an awkward silence or an abrupt change of topic, then you can be 100 percent sure that you’ve said something that ticked people off. It probably wasn’t the first time either, says nationally certified counselor Sophia Reed, Ph.D.


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