16 Signs People Think You’re Annoying and You Don’t Know It


People usually have a very good opinion about themselves. We think we are friendly, kind, and fun to be around. But before you also start thinking highly of yourself, you might want to pay more attention to the people around you to see if they have the same opinion. Sorry to burst your bubble, but instead of the fun and nice person you think you are, they might see a rude, arrogant individual.

But if they don’t tell you what they really feel about you, how can you tell? Good thing you asked. To help you figure out if you’re hard to be around and people are doing their best to keep well away from you, we’ve rounded up a list of signs that should be pretty self-explanatory.


They find an excuse to leave when you come around

If you notice that the moment you approach a group of people, they start leaving one by one, you might be the reason. It might be that you’re stressing them out or doing something that makes others avoid you like the plague. People try to remove stressors from their lives, so, if you’re seen as a potential stressor, don’t be surprised if no one wants to interact with you.


You can feel the energy shift when you enter a room

Do you think people consider you rude? The easiest way to confirm or refute your theories, is to observe what people do when you enter the room, says Florida-based licensed psychologist Jamie Long. If there’s a shift in the energy in the room, that should be your cue that you’re not exactly welcomed. “If you enter a room of laughing and smiling individuals, who suddenly become quiet soon after you enter or start talking, it might be because your energy is incongruent with positive vibes your friends were just enjoying.”

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