16 Signs People Think You’re Annoying and You Don’t Know It


They seem tired after spending a long time with you

Fatigue is often associated with increased stress. If you notice someone looks extremely tired during or after interacting with you, you might be the reason for their physical and mental exhaustion. Voluntarily or not, you might be doing something that makes them feel anxious and uncomfortable.


They move away from you physically

A “key sign of whether someone likes you or not” is physical distance. According to Rachel Vida MacLynn, founder of The Vida Consultancy, people tend to stick closer to those they like and stay as far away from individuals whose presence makes them uncomfortable. Another non-verbal cue that people don’t want to be around you is the direction of their feet. According to MacLynn, feet “naturally point away from someone if you dislike them,” as if pointing “towards an exit” from an awkward or rude situation.


They seem to drink more when you’re around

When dealing with too much stress, including the stress of interacting with someone rude, people sometimes resort to less orthodox solutions, like alcohol. As a matter of fact, according to a 2018 survey conducted by the UK Mental Health Foundation, 74 percent of people surveyed claimed they felt extremely stressed over the past year while 29 percent admitted to turning to alcohol as a means of coping.

Therefore, if you notice someone chugging drinks just to avoid having to talk to you, you might want to give them some space.

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