6 U.S. Cities Most Likely to Get Hit by Nuclear Bombs

Photo by Romolo Tavani from shutterstock.com

Many of us believed that the war between Russia and Ukraine would be over by now, or at least somewhere near the end. Unfortunately, things are not how we would want them to be and Vladimir Putin is even more reckless.

If you’ve read any of our previous articles regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, you already know that things are extremely serious and thousands of people are dead by now.

Given the fact that Ukraine is not a part of NATO, they can’t be helped with human forces by the other countries. However, a lot of regions, including the United States of America, sent them money, armed equipment, ammunition, and things that can help them resist the invasion.

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5 thoughts on “6 U.S. Cities Most Likely to Get Hit by Nuclear Bombs”

  1. 7

    I believe that Ukraine will fall very soon. Russia is going to begin the big attacks and finish Ukraine once and for all.
    Ukraine really didn’t have a chance in the first place against Russia.

  2. Dr joseph haynes

    Let there be peace on earth……..allow people ro resolve their own situations ,give advice only when requested…place value on human lives..love and not hate,peace and not war ,build and not destroy…

  3. Manuel B Rivera-Torres

    Just remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, August 6-9, 1945. The so called “cradle of Democracy,” killed about 250 thousand Japanese in less than 15 minutes. The bombs were ordered by democrat president. Harry S. Truman. But they talk about “peace”.

  4. 19

    The US never should have given Ukraine a dime, but then they paid off the Biden family, so were just getting their payback, and this could put us into WW3. Biden and his cartel are guilty of treason and how much are the US oligarchs and Ukraine oligarchs getting from US cash and weapons? Ukraine should be forced to sit down and negotiate this and let Russia have back their terrirtoy.


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