10 Powerful Photos Capturing Putin’s War

Photo by Svetlana Turchenick from shutterstock.com

On February 24th, 2022, Vladimir Putin turned the entire world upside down when he decided to attack Ukraine. It’s been three weeks since the war has been going strong and the amount of lost lives is staggering and heartbreaking.

They invaded the country with tanks, and they detonated bombs in Kyiv and Mariupol, two of the most important cities in the region. Even though the Russians stated that they wouldn’t do anything to civilians, they destroyed a maternity hospital, apartments where people lived, churches, schools, and so many other things.

The war is nothing else but an atrocity. The most affected people are those who are still fighting to regain their freedom and those who left their country.

We wanted to show you what actually happened on the Ukraine territory since Putin started his madness, so we’ve gathered 10 pictures that show you what has happened since the beginning of this conflict.

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