7 Toxic Dollar Store Items You Should Avoid

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6. Beauty products from Irish Spring, Soft Soap and Gerber

There’s something enigmatic about what’s truly in beauty products, just like with a few of the things on this list. Many makeup firms mention the contents on the back of their products; however, even if a generic beauty product utilizes the same ingredients as a comparable brand-name product, it can be a less expensive version to keep prices low. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you ask your doctor before using random beauty products, or better yet, stick to reputable brands that are usually dermatologically tested.

7. Toys made before 2008

Did you know that phthalates were present in the majority of toys manufactured prior to 2008? After that, this substance was completely banned from being included in toys because it was considered dangerous. In a lot of stores, including dollar stores, there are plenty of toys that are hazardous for health, and it’s better to avoid buying them at any cost if you don’t want to put your child at risk.

If you want to make a nice gift for your children or your grandchildren, you may look to specialized toy stores where the prices may be higher but the toys are totally safe to play with.

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