Best and Worst Times to Travel This Thanksgiving

Photo by Foxys Forest Manufacture From Shutterstock

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and most of us want to travel to spend some time away in nature before the winter holidays. And if you chose to travel by plane, then you know the struggle of crowded airports. A recent survey showed that the worst day to fly is on Sunday, 27 November, because the prices are skyrocketing as much as possible. That is, if you can take a few days off before the Thanksgiving date (on Wednesday) and a couple days more after the celebration, you will definitely pay less for tickets and also avoid the chaos.

People seem to be so excited to celebrate this holiday like they used to do before the COVID-19 pandemic, and because of that, retailers are planning serious discounts. Keep reading to find out what the best tips are for a great Thanksgiving getaway!

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