8 Things You Can Ask Your Flight Attendant For

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When you are on your way to your vacation destination, you have to relax, take a deep breath, and hope everything will go exactly as you planned. Sure, the takeoff might be a bit overwhelming for some of us, but planes are definitely meant to be a place where you can enjoy the ride. But what do we do with this inflation that’s been among us for a while now? Because nowadays, everything from the flight tickets to the extra service fee can add up to the overall costs of traveling! And sometimes we have to make huge efforts in order to have the perfect vacation.

Thankfully, there are some goodies that you can get for free whenever you choose to fly. All you have to do is ask! I suppose this is some fantastic news that we all need to hear, right?

Let’s see what free things you can get on an airplane because you deserve to relax and enjoy every single bit of your trip!

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1 thought on “8 Things You Can Ask Your Flight Attendant For”

  1. Usually masks and sox are strictly business/first class only.Never saw in coach.Always received them in first or business class on overseas flights.


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