10 Traditional American Dishes You Must Try

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We already know what America is best known for, right? Pulled pork, key lime pie, hamburgers, and lobster rolls are some of the classics, and everybody associates them with our country. When it comes to food, I cannot choose my favorite because I am such a gourmand and I basically love any dish America has to offer.

But what about you? Is there a specific food that reminds you of something? What is your favorite one? But what about your least favorite? Tell us in the comments and make sure you get the apron close to you because we’re going to make you hungry!

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2 thoughts on “10 Traditional American Dishes You Must Try”

  1. Jerry F Eggleston

    Catchup and onions. Forget the French fries. Go for a salad or onion rings. Oen healthy, one not. Oh, well.


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