21 Things You Should Never Buy From Someone You Don’t Know


Being able to trust the person you’re buying something from is essential when it comes to making purchases. One of the most important rules is to “never buy something from someone you won’t be able to find and sue later.” However, many people ignore this aspect and end up with things that break or stop working way sooner than expected.

If we were to adapt the rule to the current context, it would say to never buy something that cannot be disinfected or pay extra money just because there’s a general panic of a possible shortage caused by the pandemic.

No matter how you look at it, buying something from a complete stranger, or a company you don’t know much about, is a risk you’re taking. When it comes to certain items, like baby gear, car seats or engagement rings, it’s an even bigger risk. To make sure you’re not making any foolish mistakes when it comes to your purchases and money, here are 21 things you should never buy from someone you don’t know. And while we’re speaking of does and don’t, see also these 12 Items With “Hidden Costs” You Should Stop Buying in 2021.

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