6 Most Shocking Things Melania Trump Ever Said

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Did you know these quotes were said by the former first lady?

Melania Trump has made some pretty bad word choices in her time as the first lady and even before that. It is nothing new for celebrities, politicians, and other important figures to sometimes end up saying some weird things or just miss the mark with their statements. But Melania Trump has had more missed opportunities than wins when it comes to this.

From weird quotes about languages to missed speeches, here are some of the most shocking Melania Trump quotes that she didn’t think twice before saying. though she maybe should have!

Let us know which one of them shocked you the most!

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1 thought on “6 Most Shocking Things Melania Trump Ever Said”

  1. Sounds like you really had to dig to find something to whine about. None of these are offensive and your opinionated statements are weak.


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