17 Ways We Sabotage Our Own Happiness


Taking online dating a bit too far

Today’s technological advancements have simplified and improved many aspects of our lives. The love department makes no exception. You can meet your significant other on social media or with the help of dating apps. But overdoing it on the swipe-left-right option to find love and happiness can ultimately turn against you.

That’s because these apps have turned people into commodities, says Trish McDermott, a dating expert and relationship coach at the dating portal Meetopolis. You end up thinking that there’s plenty of fish in the sea and find all sorts of superficial reasons to not give someone a chance. This might prevent you from meeting a genuinely nice person to build a healthy, stable relationship with.


Projecting your feelings onto someone or something else

Projecting negative feelings onto another person will only prevent you from seeing the bigger picture and moving on from your unhappiness. For instance, saying things like, “My boss is ruining my life,” or “If I were in a relationship, I would have someone to work out with” is just a way to find excuses and feel miserable instead of actually doing something that could make you happier.

Instead of waiting for another person or situation to change in order for your life to get better, take matters into your own hands and do the things you expect someone else to do for you. It will prevent you from feeling sad and unhappy all the time.

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