7 Bills You Should Never Pay by Credit Card

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Paying everything you buy with your credit card might be the easiest solution. You don’t get dirty because of cash, and you don’t end up lining your pockets. But is this always a good idea? Have you noticed that a lot of phone apps stock your credit card numbers for your next payment? That doesn’t sound safe at all.

Despite the fact that paying everything with a credit card can help you track your expenses better, earn rewards, and build credit, in some situations you may want to avoid using your card. Let’s find out together which bills are best paid by cash instead of your card.

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8 thoughts on “7 Bills You Should Never Pay by Credit Card”

  1. 4

    Better yet, find a way to get on Medicaid. After 40 years of paying for private health insurance to a variety of companies I scammed my way onto Medicaid. Best insurance I ever had. Competent providers and no copays or any out-of-pocket. Thank you taxpayers!

    1. Joanne Margaret Hulings

      Scamming Medicaid is a serious crime of fraud. I hope you get caught and pay dearly and/or spend some time in prison. Encouraging others to find a way to get on Medicaid is morally reprehensible. Mark my words, sooner or later you WILL get caught. I wouldn’t want to be you when you do.

    2. 4

      Dear Jay,
      I hope you don’t end up in a nursing home, because Medicaid will take all your money and your home! That’s why I will never get it!
      I’m surprised you admitted online that you are an
      unscrupulous liar, along with being a law breaker! I hope it doesn’t catch up to you, but remember you reap what you sow!

  2. 15

    Where is the rest of the article. You should do a better job of continuing the article clearlly. I can’t find the info you say you are going to present. Just ads! I feel Nike cancelling my membership whenever I try to follow your articles

  3. john terence king

    Pay all your credit card bills each month. If you do you get a free 30 day loan. If not you pay massive interest. Never keep a balance. If you need money get a loan from a credit union. Don’t do cash advances.

  4. Horrific.Too many ads disrupting content.Get rid of them or place them at the end of the article..Capitalism at its worse.


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