16 Worst Grocery Stores in America

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As we speak more and more about inflation, we have to take into consideration that buying groceries is only going to get more expensive than it ever has.

And even if customers won’t be able to avoid inflated prices anymore, it might pay off to do all your groceries at stores that offer competitive prices and avoid those that tend to ask for more money.

Consumer Reports actually asked a couple of shoppers to rank the price competitiveness of different grocery chains throughout the country, and apparently, these 14 stores were rated as the worst grocery stores that you could ever go to:

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20 thoughts on “16 Worst Grocery Stores in America”


    I think Acme is great, prices and sale prices. Also one of the cleanest and organized stores and great employees.

  2. I disagree with your rating of Acme Markets. The Acme near my home in South Philly competes very well with the famous Italian Market. I think it is a very good store.

  3. you have to add PUBLIX SUPERMARKETS IN THIS LIST.. their prices are way non competitive..
    anything you buy turns out into an expensive product… I recently went to buy a cabbage, a simple cabbage.. Their price was $8,50 .. I returned it at the cashier.. List them as non competitive .. Maybe that will force them to open their eyes..

  4. I frequent the Shaw’s in Middletown/Newport RI, and I love it. I’m addicted to their, in-store made guacamole. It’s the best I’ve ever had.
    I live in Manhattan and, lucky for me, a new one moved to 96th and Amsterdam Ave. It’s huge, carries everything, and has great stock on ethnic types of foods. The fresh produce area is the best I know of, and the prices are super. The workers there are VERY friendly and helpful, and it seems like they really enjoy working there.
    I’m sure all the stores you mentioned have some great franchises and some not-so-great ones. So, I don’t think it’s wise to judge them all in a general statement.

  5. Bradford Largent

    You left Weiss off this list. They are by a great margin the worst grocery store in my part of Virginia. They bought out Food Lion in our area and even though I lived within 1/2 mile of this store I will drive 25 miles to go to a Food Lion or shop at other stores. Their prices are not competitive, their employees are rude, their management is incompetent. Employees block the aisles in the store and if you ask them if you can get around them was told to go over an aisle and come back the other way. Manager informed me that they only has certain amount of time to stock shelves before going into overtime.

  6. Lexington, KY……..we have a Whole Foods and a Fresh Market but none of the others. These two are price competitive with one another. Other stores in area are competitive with one another. Main differences are
    in produce and canned goods compared to WF and FM.

  7. We used to shop at Acme Markets all the time. It was our neighborhood grocery store. I could walk to and from. Then they built a new Giant and wow what a difference. More to select from. More deli choices, more fresh produce and basically had things that Acme did not carry. Would still shop at Acme if I needed a last minute
    something. But overall, Giant I think was better. They were high on some things, but I think their sales were
    a lot better.

  8. I actually do not use any of stores mentioned! In fact I never heard of most of them.
    Have tried a few mentioned, but don’t live that close to them.
    I have gone to Shaws years ago, but haven’t been since!

  9. Was rather surprised about the info of the workers at Shaws. I have found most all the workers to be very helpful and respectful. Shaws also offers many good sales every week but I can agree that when not on sale could be a little pricey but I usually buy only sale items. As for the other stores they are definitely not in my area as I have never even heard about them.

  10. I shop three stores. Best deals at each one. They are all very close to me so distance isn’t a factor. The only one on your list is Shaws. I actually like Shaws! I don’t shop there regularly but they have good sales and certain items that I can’t get at Stop & Shop or Walmart. They also have a better quality of fruit and vegetables. I have not had any problems with the employees. They have always been helpful and courteous. I don’t know which Shaws those people went to, but it wasn’t mine.

  11. I know that Shell gasoline is one of the best gases available, but being on Social Security, I can never afford to fill my tank. I ,instead, go to Costco.


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