14 Guaranteed Ways to Score the Best Deals and Save Money This Black Friday


Tip#12: Research the store policies

it’s very important, whenever you buy something, be it online or from the store, to know what to expect in terms of return and refund. This is especially crucial for a successful Black Friday shopping experience. According to Bethany Hollars, money-saving strategist at BrickSeek.com, some retailers no longer have price matching policies during major shopping events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Others implement a different return policy during the holiday season, allowing buyers to exchange only a limited number of items or “prohibiting the return of certain merchandise altogether”.

Make sure you do your homework and know all these possible changes so that you don’t waste your money on a bad purchase. See also 10 Things You‘re Never Going to See Again in Malls after Coronavirus.


Tip#13: Stay away from gift cards

Black Friday might seem like the perfect time to get your hands on some gifts for the upcoming holidays. The only problem is that’s what gift cards are for ….in December. If you’re thinking of purchasing some gift cards in advance, let’s say on Black Friday, think again. Not only will you not save money, but you might also pay more than you’d normally pay one month from now.

According to Bonebright, gift card prices are the best in December, compared to any other time of the year, even Black Friday. Not to mention that December gifts cards are usually accompanied by extra deals and bonuses if you buy them in larger numbers.


Tip#14:Use social media to score deals

Since most of us are spending a great amount of time on social media, why not make the most of that time and score some great deals on some of our favorite items? How? By following the social media accounts of your favorite retailers, advised said Amy Chang, manager, content operations at Slickdeals.

Instagram, Twitter or Facebook are not only for photos, comments and tweets. You can use these popular social media channels to get coupons and discounts provided by retailers to their followers, aka you. Once Black Friday is over, and social media has served its purpose, you might want to take a look at this post: 5 Compelling Reasons to Delete Your Social Media Account Right Now.

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