14 Guaranteed Ways to Score the Best Deals and Save Money This Black Friday


Tip#6: Shop early and locally

Black Friday events in the previous years provided buyers with quick delivery and return options for online shopping. This year, however, with the pandemic still raging across the United States and around the globe, the supply chains have taken a serious hit. That being said, quick deliveries might become a thing of the past, said Lauren Beitelspacher, associate professor of marketing at Babson College.

Therefore, experts advise people to shop early and don’t worry about losing deeper discounts as Black Friday gets closer. Some retailers, like Target, are actually extending their Black Friday deals through the end of December. Also, if you buy something in early November and it goes on sale later this month or in December, you can ask for your money back.

Something else that consumer savings specialists advise is to show their support for local businesses by buying their products and services. “These are the companies that really need our holiday dollars and who have worked so hard to ease our burdens during the pandemic.”

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Tip #7 Sign up for emails and texts from your favorite retailers

Savvy shoppers know that the best way to be in the loop and know all about the best deals, ahead of everyone else, is by signing up for emails and text messages from retailers, according to Monica Deretich, retail advisor at Sailthru. Generally, subscribing is free and accompanied by welcome discounts that can be used for the first purchase. In addition, if you create an account, you could also receive early access to sales or exclusive offers, which will make your holiday shopping for gifts a lot easier.

Once you subscribe to a holiday retailer, add items to your cart and use it to compare prices and deals. The even better thing about using your cart as a wish list is that you might also get extra incentives to finalize your purchase, which can help you save even more money.


Tip#8: Browse the web in private or incognito mode

Put your spying and stalking qualities to work by going incognito. It’s a very efficient way to score great deals, said Ricardo Pina of the personal finance blog The Modest Wallet. That’s because retailers usually use cookies to monitor your shopping behavior and record your interests and purchases.

If you browse the web in private mode, you’ll stay off the retailers’ radars and prevent them from customizing their deals to fit your online searches. This will allow you to surf the internet freely and unhindered by ads and offers, and truly find the best deals and lowest prices.

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