Russia-Ukraine Crisis: US Tells China To Stay Away

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As we all know already, the war between Ukraine and Russia is still going strong, regarding the truce meetings between the officials of both parties. Even though there are thousands of deaths at the moment, neither party is willing to give up.

Moreover, China stated that it will help the Russian army if they ask for help. Let’s hope they don’t because things are already bad enough! However, the United States of America doesn’t agree with this and the officials said that China will face a lot of consequences if it helps president Vladimir Putin.

There are already a few misunderstandings: several sources stated that China doesn’t have a problem providing military assistance to Russia. The foreign ministry from China said that the United States doesn’t tell the truth, while Russia said that they didn’t ask Beijing for help.

What should we believe and how are these things going to affect us, other than higher gas prices? Keep reading to find out!

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