7 Reasons Why Everything Was Better in the 70s

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1.We’d head to the video arcade with a pocket full of quarters

Growing up as a kid in the 70s, I was so excited to go and play video arcade games after I begged my mom for an entire day to let me do this with my friends. Kids today probably laugh at how we used to play video games back in the 1970s. For each game, we actually had to spend a quarter, but we don’t regret a dime of it.

One benefit was that it increased the experience’s sense of value. Pac-Man wasn’t something we could just turn on at home and play all day. We had to save our money and wait until the weekend when our parents would let us go to the arcade on foot.

Which game from the 70s was your favorite?

2. Personal safety

I remember that during the 70s I was never worried about my own safety as much as I am now. Walking anywhere as a kid was never a problem for me. You may have heard different stories about kids that were abducted to never be seen again, but those were isolated cases. Compared to nowadays, when our grandchildren need to be careful with whom they talk to on the internet.

How was your childhood during the 70s? Were you afraid to go out?

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3 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Everything Was Better in the 70s”

  1. I had this (and more) in the 50’s and my kids had this in the 70’s – BUT by the time my grand kids came around in the 90’s it was a whole different world. I wouldn’t let them play outside in the FRONT YARD unless I could see them and they certainly couldn’t go by themselves around the CORNER to the park alone! Good God, I had no idea who could be there that could have an unhealthy interest in a blond hair blue eyed little girl! It’s all changed and my GREAT grand kids now wouldn’t even THINK about knocking on a friend’s door to go play unless a “play date” was set up. What childhood has lost is sad. And the lack shows up as they grow to nervous unself-assured adults who often have trouble making ANY decisions without help, much less good decisions, because they never had the chance to do things and possibly fail and learn from them.


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