11 Things You Should NEVER Say to Anyone


You may not realize it, but sometimes, a well-intended question or some well-intended advice can be interpreted in a completely wrong way. It’s not what you say, but what people hear. Other times, people are just plain rude and saying things that should never be brought up in a conversation.

There are some sentences that should be avoided in any situation because they can stir up the atmosphere and cause unpleasant and awkward silences. However, if your intentions are good, here are 11 things you should never say to other people if you want to avoid awkward conversations or angry red faces.

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13 thoughts on “11 Things You Should NEVER Say to Anyone”

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    I’ve had all those things said to me. That’s all the liberal woke anti-white left who cheated on this past election have in their vocabulary

    1. I had somebody ask me when my baby’s due…two months before I turned 63! I said, “30 years ago”…but I wasn’t happy about it…and my husband would chew ME out when people used to ask HIM! Can’t count how many times over the years I was asked that!

    2. 3

      You far-right whiners truly have no grasp of what you say or do, do you? Forget about reaching a consensus on anything or even reaching across the aisle; it’s far easier to be angry – or at least pretend to be angry when the cameras are on – all the time and live in your pretend fantasy world. Kind of like children do when they don’t get their way.

      The thing is: All you divisive loudmouthed asses who think it’s okay to lock up Latino children, starve them, and let them live in filth simply because their non-white parent(s) cross the southern border in search of a better life happen to be the same sub-geniuses who think it’s okay to ban books because you don’t want to “harm” your good wholesome white kids. It’s never been about protecting children, and you damned well know it. It’s about any desperate attempt you can come up with to maintain your slender hold over the control of other people’s lives, and the sense of power that surges through you when you do. Don’t preach to the left about drugs quite so loud.

      Conservatives of every stripe have said these things to me, too. And I didn’t let it work me up into a foam-at-mouth frenzy, either. I respect their right to say it even if it draws my genuine sympathy for their predilection for unbridled arrogance.

      And since you brought up the tiresome. repulsive subject, here’s the absolute lowdown. The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. Joseph Biden won that election fair and square, and AGAIN, you goose-stepping morons damned well know it.

      A winning presidential candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win the electoral vote. Joseph Biden got 306 electoral votes. Donald Trump got 232 electoral votes. Got that?

      A winning presidential candidate needs to win more than 50% of the popular vote. Joseph Biden got 81.268,924 (51.31%) votes, and Donald Trump got 74,216,154 (46.86%) votes. The remaining 1.83% of the popular vote went to 34 other-party or write-in candidates. Got that?

      Source: https://www.fec.gov/resources/cms-content/documents/2020presgeresults.pdf. And these results in turn were garnered from the State Election offices of all fifty states, EVEN THE REPUBLICAN STATES. GOT THAT? Not one, NOT ONE, of these offices contested the published results in any kind of legal action.

      On the other hand, we have the twice-impeached failed New York City former businessman-turned-world’s sorest loser, Donald Trump. And all he had to mumble on election night were the nefarious words “Frankly, I think we won”. That’s it. That’s the ENTIRE BASIS for this absurd, tired fetish. We also have Donald Trump recorded (that’s his voice on digital media) as saying “I just want to find eleven thousand seven hundred and eighty votes” to Georgia’s REPUBLICAN Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who, I might add, insisted to Trump that Georgia’s election results were correct, and that nothing further could be done. Not a Democrat. A Republican. GOT THAT?

      And that’s what we fear the most from you unhinged reprobates. You not only KNOW that the above is the real truth, but you KNOW that we KNOW you acknowledge it as the real truth. And yet, this doesn’t stop you people from engaging in blatant gerrymandering and every other tactic from the Jim Crow Law playbook from you can find in order to prevent non-white citizens from exercising their Constitutional right to vote.

      Here’s a lovely example of the dreamworld that you far-right crybabies live in. And keep in mind that this happened just yesterday (at the time of this writing). Texas Attorney General (that’s the top law gun in the State of Texas) Ken Paxton was served, at his home, with two subpoenas because he was named in a lawsuit aimed at stopping a militant state law which not only banned women in Texas from having any abortions (even as a result of rape or incest), but allowed complete strangers to place $10K bounties on their heads if they (the hapless women) were even suspected of trying to get one. Paxton kept the process server waiting on his doorstep for over an hour, then suddenly ran from his home and jumped into a waiting truck driven by his wife. He then filed a motion to quash and seal the subpoenas (granted by a good-ol-boy Republican state judge) on the excuse that he and his family felt threatened by the appearance of the “stranger” on their doorstep. Never mind that the process server identified himself, not only to Paxton but also his wife who answered the front door. Never mind that the police were never called, despite Paxton’s claims that he felt threatened but also that the server waited over an hour outside. Never mind that, as Texas Attorney General, Paxton should damned well know when he is being served court documents. Fantasy world…and beyond!

      Oh, and because you people simply cannot let the thing go, here’s another fact that doesn’t seem to be in your favor, either. Republicans LOVE to claim that voting for a Democrat means that ‘our guns will be taken away’. Didn’t happen. Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, and Joseph Biden are all Democrats who were FAIRLY elected to the White House, and not one of your precious, child-killing weapons have been taken from you. GOT THAT?

      Why is it that you claim to care about the lives of children when declaring sovereignty over a woman’s body, and yet you don’t give a damn that children’s lives are taken from them by automatic assault rifles wielded by your own ilk? Why is it that you continue to claim that taking a woman’s right to choose is trumped by your ‘right’ to make that decision for her, when you allow children who were actually born to languish in agony in a government-sanctioned concentration camp simply because their parents crossed the southern border?

      God damn you people. May God damn you all for the suffering you have caused and continue to cause. You wrap yourselves in the flag and talk about American values like you have a monopoly on them, but you don’t seem to care about real American values, like compassion, generosity, altruism, or justice. Just remember that Hitler also got to power claiming that the Jews were the cause of all ills to his nation. And look at what happened to him.

      1. 5

        Well Pat, you are an angry person and are wrong this time like you’ve been many times before. Go take a nap and everything you complained about is what your Dems are doing these days. Good luck, hope you have a better day tomorrow.

    3. Rudeness and lack of diplomacy have NOTHING to do with one’s political leanings.. As a matter of fact, no public figure has ever been more rude, crude and obnoxious as the last “President.”

      I have had rude comments made online from all sides of the political spectrum, but the only physical threats I have ever received were from tRumpkins..

      None of them ever had the courage to try to follow through on their empty threats and some have had their ticket pulled by the forum on which they made their ridiculous threats and accusations..

      I simply told them it would be wise not to come around my residence or anywhere I am present or the song Wake Up Call by Maroon 5 might be their miserable life’s soundtrack and reported the threats or blocked them like an NFL offensive lineman..

  2. I have a friend with NO filter. A few days ago I was telling a few friends about something I felt they’d be interested ln. She but right in & changed the subject. She does this often. For once I stopped her. Said “excuse me for interrupting”. She said you go on & on, don’t let anyone speak! I then said, too many times I DON’T get to speak-in.he car they take a Bluetooth call, or the dog is barking, or the door bell rings or they get a call. I tried once to speak when 2 friends were in the front seat in the car, i couldn’t get a word in edgewise-threw my hands up & said “I give up”. At this time I said try being me. They all looked uncomfortable. None of this was said w/raised voices. Later, what I WISHED I’d said was this person, while we were at a health ins. presentation. interrupted the presenter who was answering MY health ques. because it triggered a ques of ther own. The woman actually stopped TO ANSWER HER ques. I had to intervene, ask my friend to let her finish answering my question. I wish I had remembered, said that. I may say it in the future but REALLY wish everyone had heard that. She has angered another friend who decided she wanted nothing to do w/her as she YELLS at people. They did make up. She CAN be a good friend but not someone I’d ever really trust as a friend. Feelings too damaged. I do want to say I’m a very good listener-friends have called me at all times w/a problem & I listen w/NO interruption, offer advice if I can or just let them vent. Not sure what to do about this incident.

  3. Re 11 things not to say:
    Regarding the use of
    ”I’m sorry you feel this way”-
    Are you suggesting one apologizes when the other is rejecting, attacking or disparaging you?
    Example-“I don’t like you and I don’t want to be friends anymore”
    I’ve been taught to accept their right to an opinion and that their opinion doesn’t need to be my reality or truth. That’s when it’s appropriate to say,
    “ I’m sorry(sad) you feel this way”.
    In essence, it’s healthy self talk/care, like
    “ I’m rubber you’re glue, your words bounce off me and stick to you. “
    Not that I’d retaliate but the first half aligns with the “Sticks n stones may break my bones” philosophy.
    Summary: Different types of people and their respective goals/intents require different types of responses and detachment from all.

  4. Most of this is just “common sense” stuff. I realize many people don’t think there is such a thing any more and maybe they’re right in most cases, but c’mon people!

    It reminds me of a scene in the The Office when Dwight asks David Wallace or his wife how much they paid for their house.. Michael Scott scolds Dwight for asking an inappropriate question and then Michael proceeds to ask unironically how many times the couple have sex in an average week or something like that..

    One of the blurbs says to “agree politely with the speaker” then inject your own opinion on the matter at hand if you disagree.. Is that not contradictory?

    People not saying what they really mean and expecting the listener to read their mind is part of the problem.. Of course we shouldn’t say certain things, but there are ways to say something without being as blunt as a sledge hammer and still possibly getting your point across.. The key is to be as empathetic and diplomatic as the situation warrants..

    The crux of the matter is that empathy is maybe not completely dead, but on life support for sure.. If you don’t want someone to comment on your appearance in a negative way, don’t do that to them… Or any subject that you find “touchy” maybe shouldn’t be broached to someone else by you.. Is it THAT complicated?

  5. I was 76 when I finally retired from my RN position and EVERYONE at work was asking me this question! I am a big tease…so it really didn’t bother me at all! I mostly came back with..”.when I’m a Centurien!”….I certainly do miss the work AND the payck! lol!

  6. This is just one example of the phrases shown here. Suppose a person has told you something that they’ve told you erroneously over and over again and you’ve cautiously tried to explain the lack of truth in it. At that point, “I don’t care” anymore, and continuing to make like you do leads to people believing what ever they want to. People should be more kind, but there comes a point where some people need to just get over it and believe the facts.


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