8 Crucial Things You Didn’t Know About the Delta Variant


For a short period of time, things seemed to be getting back to normal. But the feeling was short-lived as new COVID-19 variants emerged and started causing concern and panic across the world, including the United States.

One such new variant is the Delta variant. It originated in India and started spreading a lot faster than other previous COVID-19 variants, leading to a major surge in COVID cases and becoming the dominant strain in many countries across the globe.

Here are 8 crucial things that health experts want us to know about the Delta variant.

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3 thoughts on “8 Crucial Things You Didn’t Know About the Delta Variant”

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    These people who are afraid of the vaccine, realize after they lose a loved one they were afraid of the wrong thing. Get vaccinated! As many people say “it can’t hurt” and there’s a good chance it save somebody’s life. Along with, your hospital may have an empty bed if all the people are vaccinated. It may save somebody’s life with cancer ,stroke, or auto accident. If there are no beds because the unvaccinated fill them with covid-19 patients, they might send one of your loved ones away to die from something else. I saw several families who lost loved ones to cancer and other situations because the beds were full. How do you think they feel about you now?


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