12 Unsuspected Laws You’re Probably Breaking All the Time


You probably think that you’re a good American. You pay your taxes, you never run a red light, you don’t disturb your neighbors and so on. But don’t be so quick to call yourself an honest, law-abiding citizen. There are federal and state laws out there you’re probably breaking all the time and you have no idea about it. Until you get slapped with a hefty fine, or worse, sentenced to jail.

Want to avoid unpleasant surprises? Then read on to find out more about these unsuspected laws you’re most likely guilty of breaking on a regular basis. While you’re at it, check out these 6 Laws You Can Now Break Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Organizing a movie night

If you’ve watched your fair share of movies, you surely know that every time you play a DVD, there’s a warning about copyrights before the movie starts, such as: “the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal”. Most of us disregard it, but guess what? By playing a film. television show or other recordings in public, you could get into serious trouble because you’re actually breaching the copyright laws.

In other words, if you’re hosting a movie night with friends, co-workers or neighbors, you could get a fine as high as $150,000 and other penalties, even if the event takes place in the “privacy” of your backyard. If anyone else can see it, it’s most likely illegal.

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