14 States Where Your Pension Won’t Get Taxed

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Pensions: Retired residents of Nevada can consider themselves lucky when it comes to state income taxes. The Silver State doesn’t have an income tax, so it doesn’t tax their pension income or any of their other income.
401(k)s and IRAs: More good news: 401(k) or IRA distributions are also tax-exempt.
Social Security Benefits: Nevada doesn’t tax Social Security benefits either. More money to enjoy what Nevada has to offer!
Income Tax Range: Not applicable since there is no income tax.


New Hampshire

Pensions: New Hampshire is among the most tax-friendly states for retirees, with no general income tax. However, the Granite State does ask for a tax on interest and dividends. The good news is that your pension income will not be taxed if you decide to spend your golden years in the Granite State.
401(k)s and IRAs: Your 401(k) and IRA distributions are not subject to any state taxes either.
Social Security Benefits: New Hampshire doesn’t impose a tax on Social Security benefits.
Income Tax Range: There’s a 5% tax on interest and dividends.

In our next state, you won’t have to volunteer any of your pension…..

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  1. Rene Gabriel Hernandez

    Thank You for this information
    Question: Will my IRA and social security be taxed if you retire in one state and move to another?


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