14 States Where Your Pension Won’t Get Taxed

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Pensions: If the cold weather in Alaska makes it difficult for you to spend your golden years there, there’s always the Mecca of retirees: Florida. Residents of the Sunshine States don’t have to pay any income tax, which means they can rely on their pensions without a care in the world.
401(k)s and IRAs: Florida has no state taxes on distributions from 401(k) and IRAs distributions. No wonder retirees flock to Florida like no other state!
Social Security Benefits: Florida continues to be a retiree-friendly state when it comes to Social Security benefits, which are exempt from tax as well.
Income Tax Range: Not applicable since there is no income tax.

Say Aloha to keeping your pension in the next state…..

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2 thoughts on “14 States Where Your Pension Won’t Get Taxed”

  1. Rene Gabriel Hernandez

    Thank You for this information
    Question: Will my IRA and social security be taxed if you retire in one state and move to another?


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