13 Paint Colors You Should Never Use in Your Home, According to Experts

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When it comes to redecorating your home there are some rules that you should follow, but of course, it does not mean that you can’t do whatever you want. Even though it looks simple at first, choosing the right paint color is not that easy as you probably think, especially when you want to keep your house fashionably up to date. 

If you are wondering why the paint color is so important then you need to know that it can completely change the look of your entire home, so make it worth the change. Whether you like it or not, your house represents you and it should reflect your personality as well. It is like coloring your hair red even though you look good blonde – of course, some things can be done, but you better follow some aesthetic rules. Of course, it is always your choice, but be careful because you will spend some money and maybe you will regret the decision if you do not like the results. 

Not all colors, hues or other combinations are suitable for your home, so, one of the most important things that you have to do before renovating is research and documentation. Thus, here are some tips about renovating and colors that you should never use in certain rooms!

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5 thoughts on “13 Paint Colors You Should Never Use in Your Home, According to Experts”

  1. 7

    Pink tile bathrooms!
    I had an idea to paint the ceilings in all rooms and halls one color–off-white veined with gold–and use a different color in each room. A color I’d pick for a study, library or man cave was favored by the Romans–a Venetian or brick red, maybe russet ..

  2. Michael T Greene

    You probably should not paint any exterior surfaces in sea; brown…unless you don’t mind your place being mistaken for a UPS facility.


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