13 Paint Colors You Should Never Use in Your Home, According to Experts

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Do not use yellow on the exterior

Even though we spend a lot of time renovating our house both indoors and outdoors and also huge amounts of money to make everything look beautiful, it seems that we can ruin everything just by using a simple unsuitable color, in this case, we are talking about yellow. Not only do we damage the entire exterior design, but also the overall value of our house. 

To be more specific, the effect of colors on the value of houses has been scientifically analyzed by Zillow in 2018 and the results have shown that using yellow on a house’s exterior will significantly decrease its value with approximatively $3.000.  

“No matter how beautiful the interior, a yellow exterior fades away the whole look of your home,” says home improvement expert and founder of Renovation Boot Camp, Krishnan Archana. 

Moreover, even though yellow has been a very popular color because it is sunny and bright, some interior designers say to avoid this color even on the interior walls. 

“You have to be very careful with it. While I can see some buttery yellows feeling bright and cheery, bright yellows are aggressive. They can make people feel anxious,” said Heather Humphrey, a founding partner of the interior design firm Alder and Tweed.

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Stay away from purple bedrooms

You should stay away from the purple bedrooms, but not because it is an ugly or cute color, but it can affect the quality of your sleep and of course, you do not want this.

An experiment made by Travelodge in 2013 found that purple bedrooms can provoke nightmares and can adversely affect the quality of sleep among individuals. So, people who participated in the experiment slept in the purple room for about 5 hours a night.

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5 thoughts on “13 Paint Colors You Should Never Use in Your Home, According to Experts”

  1. 6

    Pink tile bathrooms!
    I had an idea to paint the ceilings in all rooms and halls one color–off-white veined with gold–and use a different color in each room. A color I’d pick for a study, library or man cave was favored by the Romans–a Venetian or brick red, maybe russet ..

  2. Michael T Greene

    You probably should not paint any exterior surfaces in sea; brown…unless you don’t mind your place being mistaken for a UPS facility.


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