13 Foolproof Ways to Protect Your Home From Burglars and Intruders


Keep things private

Social media is a place where you find many interesting things. Unfortunately, it is also the source of information for many thieves planning on carrying out a break-in. That’s because many people discuss vacation and travel plans on social media sites, thus confirming the fact that they won’t be home during a certain period.

Moreover, they brag about purchases of new and expensive things like electronics, jewelry or furnishings, not even to people you know.


Leave the impression of an existing alarm system

Alarm systems may be pricey but they’re worth investing in. If money is an issue and you don’t want to purchase an expensive alarm system, you can still make it seem like you are using some sort of protection system by using old wiring and computer equipment.

Place wires around windowsills and door jambs as well as an old webcam somewhere where it can be easily seen. Something equally important in this “pretend” game, is to stop and “set” the alarm whenever you leave the house. This will make burglars think twice before targeting your home!

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