13 Foolproof Ways to Protect Your Home From Burglars and Intruders


Trim trees and shrubs

Landscaping can turn your house into the envy of all your neighbors. Unfortunately, it can also turn it into a target for thieves. That’s because trees or shrubs growing out of control can become the perfect hiding spots for burglars trying to break in.

What you can do: make sure the shrubs are properly trimmed so that they don’t reach first floor windows and doors; also, avoid cutting the tree limbs too close to the house to prevent easy access to the first floors. Speaking of trimming, check out these 14 Expert-Approved Tips to Get the Best Price for Your Property.


Turn up radio or TV

Whenever you leave the house, turn up the radio or television. You might not like to waste electricity, but it could trick thieves into thinking that someone is home and save you a lot of trouble down the road. Another thing you should do is turn the sound on your doorbell down, that way, when an intruder tries to ring the bell to check if someone’s home, they won’t be able to hear it over the loud music. They’ll believe that loud music also prevents the people inside from hearing the doorbell.

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