10 Strange Habits People May Have Without Them Knowing


Avoiding odd numbers

Many people believe in lucky numbers or avoid the number 13 because it is considered unlucky. While some do it for fun, others take it to a whole new level of superstition and perform all their daily activities based on even numbers. Imagine combing your hair, going out or playing the lottery only at even hours or on even days, simply because you hate odd numbers. Or setting your alarm clock, your thermostat or the volume on your TV to odd numbers because odd numbers are said to bring good fortune while even numbers are dodgy. Speaking of bad luck, check out these 11 Surprising Things You’re Doing That Attract Bad Luck.

This obsessive need to count your actions and objects might seem strange to you but it’s actually quite common, under the medical name of arithmomania.


Sleep driving

If you thought sleep walking or sleep eating was weird, then this weird habit will blow your mind! I don’t know if we should be scared or not but there are people out there who have a completely different idea when it comes to going for a night drive. Those with this crazy habit get up from their slumber, go for a ride with their car, come back home and go back to bed as if nothing happened.

Amazingly, sleep drivers can get from one location to another without ever waking up, remembering nothing the next morning. A rare and dangerous habit, if you ask me!

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