5 Reasons Why So Many People Would Still Vote for Donald Trump


With only a few hours separating us from the presidential election on November 3rd, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why so many people would still vote for incumbent president Donald Trump, rain or shine.  If you haven’t already voted, here are 7 Ways to Protect Yourself When Voting in Person During the COVID-19 Pandemic.


No. 5: They benefit from the growing wealth gap

Despite its record-long economic growth, America’s financial disparities have reached incredible levels. After the Great Recession, the wealth of the average white household was four times the wealth of the average African-American family. In 2020, the wealth gap is 18 times higher! This means an average black household could reach the wealth level of a white household in no more, no less than 228 years. And that, only if the members of the white family would stop working for the rest of their lives.

If Donald Trump wins another four years in office, this already huge wealth gap would increase even more, making it impossible for future generations of African-American families to earn enough money to reach the wealth level of white families. They could, but it would take them about four hundred years!

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No. 4: They favor the segregation of the races

Remember when Citizens Councils were widely popular across the US and especially in the South? Many people were annoyed and unhappy when the Supreme Court ruled in 1954 that the segregation of public schools was unconstitutional. Segregationists, like Governor George Wallace and other representatives of the local, state and federal power with similar ideologies, believed they were above the law. Donald Trump is the same and that’s why people vote for him. He is their hope to make America white again.

They want to have segregation in schools, even after more than 60 years beyond the Supreme Court’s ruling. According to a 2017 study conducted by the UCLA Civil Rights Project, 75 percent of black students go to majority-minority schools, while 38 percent attend schools with less than 10 percent white students.

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No. 3: They are right-wing corporate oligarchs

There’s no secret that the economy of the United States is under white-male domination. Call it white supremacy, white oligarchy, white privilege or whatever other names, but it still doesn’t change the fact that industries, infrastructure and businesses in America function and are ruled mostly by white males. The Trump administration perpetuated this trend and will continue to do so if Trump gets reelected.

White males will continue to dominate the economic arena and be richly rewarded for their “support”. The wealthiest 1% of Americans and major corporations are already benefiting from significant tax breaks. The markets will be allowed to make their own rules, which would give them the right to regulate the wages, with no interference whatsoever from the government; some would get more while others would get less, although they perform the same job at the same level. Diversity? What’s that?

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No. 2: They are right-wing white Christians opposing “multiculturalism”

Donald Trump’s intention is to make American great again. But by again, he means when every sector of society was dominated by white males and all the other minorities were kept in check. Didn’t he say something about building a wall? People who vote for Trump want walls to protect their culture and heritage. But that’s exactly what they are destroying.

They want to stop America from turning into a melting pot again and oppose multiculturalism by whatever means necessary. Voting for Trump is their way to make sure that white males will dominate America like in the good old days.

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No. 1: They support misogynistic and xenophobe practices

They think America is a place where everyone should know their place. The white males at the top of the food chain, followed by the women, and then the minorities. They want to continue making all the rules and deciding how others should follow them. They have no problem acting disrespectful towards women, after all, the president himself does it. Not to mention immigrants, like Muslims, who should be banned from the country, if it were up to them alone. They vote for Trump to keep the United States safe and ….white.

“Trump promises to rebuild our army and fight for our safety, I look to see terrorism defeated and the war on cops to end, a solid declaration of war on Isis and a halt to the preference of immigrants before citizens. I hope welfare will be scaled back and employment will once again become the preferred way to support oneself,” said a 43-year-old small business owner in Kansas when Trump won the election in 2016. So, there you have it!

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7 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why So Many People Would Still Vote for Donald Trump”

  1. 4

    This is the most prejudice news piece ever. All you did was bash Donald Trump. The media needs to grow up and stop name calling

  2. 3

    The #1 underlying cause for a vote for Trump is racism. The economy booming is a bullshit excuse. Tells it like it is another bullshit excuse. Law and order President. Now that’s a joke with half his cabinet or close associates needing pardons to keep them out of jail. Bring China under control is another joke. Been to Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes well it’s all made in China. Chant Lock Her Up is another joke. Hillary never indicted for anything and again many of his associates were or still locked up waiting for the pardon. He will end up in serious legal trouble come January 21. Coronavirus is a Democratic hoax or it’s just like the flu and it will disappear when the weather cools.` Never admits he is wrong or does he apologize he considers that a sign of weakness.

  3. 1

    How about President Trump is the greatest president of all time! How about that he did more work in 4 years than most presidents did in 8 years! There is nothing free in life.! There is a swap everywhere.

  4. Trump is the worst president ever. He seems incapable of telling the truth. He is not only a racist and a bigot, but also is a sexist and he has set us back years environmentally.


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