10 Ways Companies Trick You Into Buying More


Most of us are perfectly aware that retailers are doing everything in their power to make us empty our wallets. After all, their profit depends on it. But many of the strategies employed by retail companies are based on consumer psychology.

Whether you are shopping in stores or online, there are ways you are primed into buying and spending more, without you even realizing it. Here are 10 examples of surprising tactics used by retailers to squeeze more money out of you.

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1 thought on “10 Ways Companies Trick You Into Buying More”

  1. Don’t forget “Mail in Rebates” as apposed to a reduced price or instant rebate at the register. They sound great. Who doesn’t like getting freebies in the mail? You just have to remember to take the receipt, cut some proof from the box, fill out the rebate form… you did remember to pick one up, didn’t you? Then you mail that in before the deadline. Of course, you pay the postage. Then, if you got everything right, you eventually get your rebate in the mail. The next time you go to that store, you can use your rebate, if you are making a qualifying purchase, and the rebate hasn’t expired. Oh, and if you haven’t forgotten.


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