Where’s My 3rd Stimulus Check? 8 Reasons You Haven’t Received It Yet


You changed your contact info since your last tax filing

Based on data released by moving tools and analysis company MYMOVE, the coronavirus pandemic determined more than 16 million Americans to relocate. If you’ve also moved recently, it may be that the IRS doesn’t have your current address but the one in your last tax filing.

But what if you’ve already filed your taxes this year? Well, your 2020 tax return might not have been processed by the IRS yet, which means your address hasn’t been updated yet. According to Washington Post, there are around 6.7 million tax returns waiting to be processed and yours may also be stuck in that queue.

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12 thoughts on “Where’s My 3rd Stimulus Check? 8 Reasons You Haven’t Received It Yet”

  1. 4

    They should be getting the checks out to the peole who need them the most! Seniors are some of them, not illegals and refugees!

  2. Marna C Showalter

    My Husband and I have not received our Third Stimulus payment and we received the other two via direct deposit. I have checked the “Where’s My 3rd Stimulus Check” online and was not given a response. I would appreciate an update or reason as to why we have not received our stimulus.

    Thanks you.

  3. I think that the stimulus checks , are making people realize, there is a possibility of making this permanent . life without work is a dream that can come true. There are owners of business complaining of ‘absenteeism. well people do have the write to live without work, this is not the ‘Garden of Eden, no, this is The United States Of America, which is even better because you get your checks at home and the Government pays you with Dollars which is still strong. We are getting softer, there are those who know that, while they themselves are getting tougher. It will continue, Maduro in Venezuela found out it was providential. stay home , don’t work, the Government will satisfy your needs.Theres a puerile thought in American life ” we want to change the world” i have a prophesy : no change.; The rich is, and will be rich. sorry. Make good use of that check. You never know.

  4. 1

    I’m an 85 year old senior who received the first two stimulus checks, but thus far not the third one, and am wondering if that will eventually come through. Please comment with any information you may have. Thank you.

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