This Is When You’ll Receive Your Next Stimulus Check


After weeks of intense negotiations, the latest COVID-19 relief bill, which amounts to $1.9 trillion, has been passed by the Senate on March 6. This means that it’s only a matter of time before eligible Americans can get their third stimulus check. When exactly should you expect to receive your stimulus payment?

According to CNBC, your third stimulus check might make its way to you by the end of March. However, some might not receive any stimulus at all. Read on to see who will get something out of this round of payments and when. And while you’re at it, find out if you live in one of these 10 Least Prepared States For An Upcoming Recession.

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13 thoughts on “This Is When You’ll Receive Your Next Stimulus Check”

  1. Enough of the BS from the Democrats in the House and Senate and some of the leftist Republicans Voters have all the information of representatives fraudulent waste of taxpayers money, from Southern Border Crises From illegals, criminals, rapist, murderers, drug smugglers. A failing economy massive unemployment and towns an local business closing down due to the Keystone pipeline from this current administration. There policy America Last the democracy being changed into a socialist and communist Country. Giving stimulus checks to convicted criminals, rapist, murders that have taken a loved one including the Boston Marathon Bomber. Attacks on the Constitution and the 2ND Amendment Democracy, all you gun grabbers want our guns since you de-fund the police who’s .going to save you life from the criminals that will take your life and kill your family. Criminals don’t follow the gun laws already established that all Law Abiding Citizens Follow! You Democrats that recently funded the 1.9 Trillion Dollar Relief Bill Pull you head out to see the sun, you should of funded the support for the wall and the security of the United States , and Keystone pipeline to be self sufficient not to depend on foreign communist countries for Oil and our energy needs. Also higher taxes and gas prices to pay for all the relief packages being devised and the sneaky ways you slip in pork spending bills to attach to stimulus bills!

  2. 6

    I still haven’t received my check. April 2. I am a Senior on Social Security. No taxes filed. I do not make enough.

  3. Raymond Nicchia

    We need our Checks too what’s going on and why aren’t we getting ours??? Did we Fall of the worthy to get one List?

  4. Barbara gingrich

    still havent received my 2nd check I HAD NO ISSUES WITH THE FIRST STIMULUS CHECK .I received that check the TWO days . this has been three weeks going on a month .


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