10 Ways to Make Easy Money in 2021 Just From Passive Income


Just because you’ve retired does not mean you can’t still work one way or another. In fact, 9 percent of American retirees take part-time or full-time jobs, are self-employed, or are searching for employment.

“(People) no longer see retirement as a fixed point in time where someone who’s working full-time immediately stops working. The new vision is a very personalized, gradual, flexible transition into retirement,” says Catherine Collinson, CEO and president of TCRS.

56 percent of the surveyed retirees cited “wanting income” as the main reason to continue working. This does not come as a surprise, considering that the average monthly Social Security check is about $1,420. According to the Social Security Administration, this benefit represents at least half of all income for 48 percent of couples and is 71 percent of income for those who are not married.

It also stands for 90 percent or more of the total income for 21 percent of couples and 43 percent for unmarried beneficiaries. No wonder people are trying to make a little extra! You might be able to bring in some extra dollars via “passive income”, namely money that comes in without you doing much work, or any work at all for that matter.

Read on to find out 10 passive-income strategies which can bring in extra bucks without spending a lot of money or time!

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