10 Money Mistakes You’re Making, According to Financial Experts

When you’re living on a paycheck, saving money might seem pretty difficult if not downright impossible. But it is doable. If you avoid making these mistakes and follow the efficient tips from financial specialists, you’ll definitely succeed in putting away more cash and secure your future.


You might be paying for things you don’t need

When was the last time you verified your phone or cable bill? Or, better yet, have you ever verified it?

With the digital delivery of bills, nobody’s verifying the itemized changes on the bill anymore. But there are some things that are worthy of your attention and might help you save money. For instance, instead of paying a monthly rental fee, you could purchase a designated router for Internet services.

“By reevaluating the packages and rates of subscription services every few years, you may find there’s a payment you don’t need to be making or at least a cheaper provider for what you need out of the service,” says Alex Shvarts, CTO of FundKite, a Fintech company.

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