5 Simple Steps to Avoid Being Cheated at the Grocery Store

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Pay attention to the cash register

Instead of scrolling through your Facebook feed while waiting for the clerk to scan your purchases, rummaging through your bag for your wallet or simply spacing out, pay attention to the register! It’s the easiest way for you to be overcharged or pay for something that you didn’t buy. It may not be intentional on the cashier’s part. After long hours of work, they can always make a mistake for which you will have to pay.

If you notice any irregularities, ask the clerk to eliminate the product from your tab and clarify the situation with the service department or a manager. It might upset those queuing behind you, but hey, they would probably do the same if they were you!

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Don’t throw away your receipt

If time is not on your side and you can’t use the scale or compare prices while you’re at the store, there’s still something you can do to make sure you haven’t been overcharged on your grocery bill. After you’ve managed to avoid the evening traffic and finally arrived home, check the receipt for any discrepancies.

If something’s wrong, call the store and ask about their refund policy. You might have to bring in the item along with the receipt to receive a refund. Most shops will refund you the difference, while others will even offer an extra cash boost as an apology You can also check the store’s website for more information. It’s not always about the money but about raising awareness and possibly prevent similar mistakes in the future.

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