12 Places Doctors Won’t Recommend You to Visit During COVID-19

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As many states are now reopening, it’s normal to feel like going out. After months of quarantine and stay-at-home orders, people are feeling restless, and no one blames them for it. Even though most states have lifted outdoor restrictions, coronavirus cases are still spiking, so it is still unclear where you can go without putting your health, as well as others, at risk.

“The highest risk places for COVID-19 transmission are indoors and those that are crowded,” says Sarah P. Cate, MD, assistant professor of surgery at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York. “Low-risk places are outside where people are also masked and have space to socially distance,” she explains.

According to Dr. Cate, summer might be a lot of challenges, particularly in places like Florida, which is still dealing with a large number of coronavirus cases every day.

“A beach with a face mask on and plenty of room between visitors is relatively safe, as is a haircut outdoors with both people masked,” she says. Dr. Cate adds, “It requires a bit of flexibility for all involved. And if you have multiple medical problems, it may be safer to avoid activities unless you are really isolated.”

“For some people, I would recommend complete isolation based on their individual risk profile. For others, it may be okay to venture to these locations,” explained Neha Vyas, MD, a family medicine specialist at the Cleveland Clinic, Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

In addition, keeping your distance six-feet apart from other people it’s still essential in staying safe. As data from a May 2020 study published in the journal Health Affairs showed, there is a 35% higher risk of infection in public places where social distancing measures aren’t implemented.

It’s definitely not easy leaving in a world where you can’t do or go wherever you want, and of course, we’re going to make mistakes, but it is very important to prioritize your health and do everything in your power to stay safe and keep others safe as well. That’s why it’s important to develop healthy and mindful habits.

Read on and find out which are the public places that doctors will stay away from during the COVID-19 pandemic!

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4 thoughts on “12 Places Doctors Won’t Recommend You to Visit During COVID-19”

  1. 9

    So…is there ANY science behind these advisories? Have you noticed that the places that are the most locked down have high rates of infection? Could it be that we humans need to mingle to boost immunity? The six foot thing it totally bogus. I am 63 and go out and live my life. I will NOT WEAR A MASK OUTDOORS. That is just silly.

    1. 3

      Well Lee Anne, I would have thought that Darwin Award candidates like yourself would be in short supply during a national pandemic that has claimed 425,000 plus lives… But hey, if the whole “I want the freedom to play Russian roulette with my mortality,” evident narcissism & sociopathy, “I don’t need no fancy book learnin” works for you, well, by all means, you do you.


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