5 Simple Steps to Avoid Being Cheated at the Grocery Store

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Keep tab of things on your phone

It’s easy to mindlessly toss things in the cart whenever you’re in the supermarket, especially when you don’t have a list of the items you really need. And before you know it, you are at the cash register, wondering how you are going to pay for everything.

Want to know how to avoid this sort of impulse buying? Try keeping a tab of things you buy on your phone. This will not only help you stay away from the products you don’t really need but it will also eliminate the shock of seeing the total amount at the register. You can either use your phone’s calculator or install apps such as Smart Shopping List A La Carte. Such apps allow you to make your own shopping lists, calculate sales taxes, coupons, gift cards and other discounts and make sure the store is not making you pay more.

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