Things That Will Cost Much More After Coronavirus

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Nearly every business and industry has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic, from closed restaurants to brick and mortar retailers unable to sell all their products. However, there are a few luckier businesses and products that have seen an unexpected rise in demand which translated into significant price shifts.

Curious to find out what will cost more after the coronavirus? Then read on to see what items will not be priced in the consumer’s favor in the near future.

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15 thoughts on “Things That Will Cost Much More After Coronavirus”

  1. 11

    Why has this pandemic gone sooo crazy. Funiture and some of the others issues really have NOTHNG TO DO WITH THE VIRUS. Ppl. are fighting to stay alive, why increase the necessities???? Have some compasion on ALL PPL. I live in low income, my rent went up $ 50.00. Soo I will cut out my internet, which will cut out netflix the ONE ENJOYYMENT I CAN AFFORD. I don’t drink, smoke spend mony foolisly and yet, I have to cut out the ONE ENJOYMENT I have?? What is this world coming to. THE RICH GET RICHER AND THE POOR GET POORER. SOO AFTER THIS PANDEMIC, WILL THE PRICES GO DOWN?? nNO THESE GREEDY PPL. KNOW WE WILL PAY FOR WHAT WE WANT, BUT AT THIS RATE—WHAT WE WANT AND N E E D WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE. i’M driving a 21 y.o. car which is in dead of repair— so GO AHEAD AND TAKE THAT TOO.

    1. 5

      Agreed. The fault lies with our politicians (mostly Republicans) who only care about taking all they can from the middle class and poor class. If they would only pay their fair share of taxes we wouldn’t be in such dire straits. Less and less is being done for the American people.
      In Europe they have free health care. That should be a universal right. They were given enough money during this pandemic to keep going without losing their homes or going hungry. Enough to survive. We have become a joke. We are getting further and further behind everyday.
      It’s an outrage. Our schools, roads, education, justice system ….everything is in shambles. Why can’t we have a good rail system to get around long distances instead of having to clog up the roads or ride on a bus? Not everyone wants or is able to drive long distances to family etc.
      What happened to all the high ideals we once stood for? Why have we turned against what’s right? If we provide a good education for everyone then everyone profits. Think the rich want to keep people uneducated so they can have powerless workforce to take care of them. There’s no reason why a CEO has to make millions while his workers can’t survive even on a full time job. No one needs to make THAT much money. What are they going to do with it? Buy votes?
      Everyone needs to educate themselves on what is truly happening. Turn to trusted news sources; many sources, not just one or two. Look at the mainstream news, not just a cable network or sensationalized papers. Let’s vote in good people who want to help the nation move forward not backward. It’s the only way we can take a part in bettering life for everyone.
      Everyone with a job should be able to have a home and food on the table and healthcare! And those that don’t should be helped.
      Presidents are supposed to lead the country and do whatever he can to better the country FOR ALL, not use it for personal monetary gain like it’s a business. The current president doesn’t even pretend to care. And how did we get stuck with him anyway? It’s embarrassing to be American.
      I hope to God some kind of precautions can be taken to prevent this from ever happening again. So much wrong and nothing being done about it.
      Must get rid of electoral college. That was for the way old days when people couldn’t get out to vote. It’s been antiquated for a very long time.
      The will of the majority is ignored.
      And why do Supreme Court judges serve for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES?? Ridiculous! They are human, not Gods. Too much power rests on too few people.
      It all seems so obvious but I guess no one cares about the poor.

      1. 2

        You took the words right out of my mouth….. Its been this way for years and nobody cares. It is always going to be the haves and have note ,the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. I refuse to vote any longer cause our elected officials are only out for what is in it for them not doing their jobs to improve or make things better or more affordable for the people they can kiss my !!!!


        You may wish to rethink your statement as the person now in charge of raising taxes, letting in illegals with Covid & other diseases that we HAD eliminating are now coming in and you will pay for that as well as the Dems allowing all of our jobs to be shipped overseas. China now controls your food chain as well as your pharmaceuticals, your vehicles, your appliances, your cell phones, etc. which was their plan. It was a Republican that lowered your taxes….get ready because the lower and middle class will be hit hard by Biden’s new tax increases, the rich always have ways around that. Surprise~wait for your food to be rationed next.

    2. 7

      It’s economics, supply and demand. I know nothing about your personal situation but I do know God answers prayers.

  2. 6

    There is no need for the items that we need to live to cost so much. It’s just corporate greed! If anything items should be cheaper, because there has been no demand for most products. This world is going to hell in a handbag Because of corporate greed! It pains me to see that no one cares about others anymore. Where has the compassion for each other gone? I say those companies that raise the price for their products should be boycotted and shown that we don’t need their products that bad. Give them a taste of standing on the otherside of the counter, and how their own business practices affect others who are already hitting rock bottom and have barely enough to eat, littlelone having enough money for new furniture or vehicles!

  3. This virus was a attract on the USA and all the little free enterprise company’s
    The us dollar will be inflated and china who sent the virus will want to have there money
    to replace the dollar while the big box stores will replace all the small company’s that went
    broke so they will raise prices as there will be less competition as we move into socialism.
    We almost got rid of the swamp but with the help of the mass media the swamp has finally
    after 4 years won this round !

  4. Patricia Dieterich

    I can live without new furniture, the latest beauty products, concerts, plays, etc. It’s the things I can’t live without that hurt, like auto repair, groceries (meat, fruit and vegetables), entertainment and other necessities. I’m 79 and on Social Security. I have worked off and on since I retired and now I’m working in excess of 30 hours a week at McDonalds. I’m probably the oldest crew member! I’m glad I’m still able to work because I’ll probably have to keep working till I die.

  5. This is called opportunistic profiteering! With the acception of tickets, where performers and athletes have suffered, it it bunk. Do no buy from them! That is the best way to send your message to greedy businesses.

  6. 9

    What a shame however those of us that have lived through this virus should be glad to be alive and hoping those that lost loved one’s can stand the grief of loss of a loved one. I have not been able to buy steaks in a couple years now and a roast at least can make 2 meals if there is leftovers for stew with dumplings. Count our blessings, be creative and try your very best, one foot in front of another until we can come back to where we were before the Presidential election. Thanks Mr. Trump for all you did and I hope the democrats don’t bring us down.

  7. Becky Henderson

    Can’t believe they did not have lumber on this list. The prices have skyrocketed because of high demand with home remodels.


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