21 Important Aspects to Consider Before Buying an RV


Check out RV shows for good deals

RV shows are giant events where you can meet with salespeople, find out more about the RV model you’re looking for, compare prices, specs and, even purchase your dream RV. If you’re looking to score a good deal on your purchase, that’s definitely one of the places you should visit. “The [shows] are really great for figuring out what you want — lots of different types of RVs with a lot of different features in one place — and for talking with salesmen and finance companies for initial approvals or preliminary discussions, even if you don’t buy at the show,” DeCarrera says. “I definitely recommend that you cruise several shows before buying.”


Compare prices

Like we’ve said before, RV shows are great places to browse for models and compare prices. One small suggestion: don’t fall prey to impulse purchase and buy the first RV you set your eyes on, no matter how good the price might seem. “Once you find the make and model you want, get on the internet and look for models around the country,” Sinclair suggests. “We ended up buying ours 90 miles away and saved a lot of money by making the drive.” DeCarrera also recommends going to local dealers near the shows. “Buying at RV shows can be hit or miss. They often have great deals on RVs, but you can often find ‘show prices’ at the local dealership.”


Always negotiate until you get a discount

You might dread negotiation, but it can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. And in the sales business, negotiation is key. If there’s even the slightest chance to get a lower price for your dream RV, don’t you at least want to try?

“Never pay full price for a new RV,” Hamilton warns. “They are extremely overpriced.” When he found a 2010 travel trailer in 2014, he managed to pay way less than the asking price of $16,000. “I told them I would pay $10,000 out the door, with no extra fees on top, and that’s what I got after much negotiation,” he says. “I just waited them out. It’s the same with buying any other type of vehicle. Be prepared to walk away from the deal. Don’t fall in love.” Baum agrees. “RVs are marked up pretty high,” she says. “So, if you negotiate, you could get 20%-25% off MSRP.”

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