25 States with the Most Affordable Healthcare Costs

  1. Arkansas

Average monthly premium: $431

Average silver deductible: $4,788

Compared to other states, people in Arkansas have a rather low monthly premium. If you’re married, compare the health coverage provided by your employer to what your spouse is getting from their employer. If theirs provides the same or better services for a lower price, it might be a good idea to switch to one plan instead of having two separate health insurances.


  1. Mississippi

Average monthly premium: $432

Average silver deductible: $4,700

Mississippi residents not only have it easier when it comes to cheaper health insurance, but they are also living in the state with the lowest costs of living, according to a previous study. Check out is Mississippi is also among the 26 States That Do Not Tax Your Social Security Benefits.


  1. Michigan

Average monthly premium: $467

Average silver deductible: $3,213

Michigan can boast with some of the lowest healthcare insurance costs in the nation. Medicare enrollment is higher in Michigan compared to its neighboring states while certain categories of people, for instance, low-income seniors, are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

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