21 Important Aspects to Consider Before Buying an RV


Read reviews

If you opt for a dealership, it’s also a good idea to read what other people had to say about their “shopping” experience. Don’t trust everything you read but pay attention to reviews, nevertheless.

“We haven’t found a particular dealer or brand of RV to be especially stand-out enough to recognize them,” Hamilton says. “If you do research online, it will be obvious as to where you will be treated the best and what rigs other people love.” According to Beasley, “just like with car dealerships, their main mission is to sell as many RVs as possible. They probably aren’t looking out for your best interest.” As it is the case in most situations, knowledge is power!


Time your purchase right

Buying an RV is not something you can decide at the spur of the moment, no matter how adventurous you think you are. It is something that should be done after thorough research and financial scenarios. It is also something that should be done in fall and winter, according to most experts, because that’s when you can score the biggest deals.

According to Grant Sinclair, creator of Our Wander-Filled Life blog, who travels with his wife for years, autumn is the season when new RV models come out. This means dealers will try to get rid of the older models to make room for the new ones and are usually willing to sell the older RVs at substantial discounts.


Consider an end-of-month purchase

When is the best time of the month to purchase an RV? Just like seasons are not created equal in terms of RV purchases, the days of the month are also not the same in terms of getting the best RV deal. That being said, “it can be beneficial to purchase new near the end of the month,” Beasley says. “Salesmen often have a quota to reach. They are better able and more likely to give you the best deal at months’ end to make quota and improve their bottom line.”

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