15 Things You Can Afford on the Average Social Security Check

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59 Months of a Planet Fitness Black Card

For a monthly fee of $21.99, you can have unlimited access to all the gyms of Planet Fitness. You might not see the necessity of a gym membership, but it can prove to be quite a worthwhile investment if it helps you maintain your health. In the long term, you might not need to go to the doctor’s that often which means less expenses in retirement.

If you’re not that happy with spending your Social Security checks on gym memberships, you can try workout apps or find free ways to exercise such as taking a walk or riding a bike.


2 Days of renting a BMW M6

If you have a thing for fancy cars, you could spend your monthly Social Security benefit on a few days of renting all sorts of posh cars. For instance, Vanity Exotics rents out a BMW M6 for $599 per day and no extra charge for the first 75 miles. Therefore, for your $1,301.59 benefit, you could pay for two days with $103 for spare gas.

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