14 States Where Your Pension Won’t Get Taxed

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Pensions: If the cold weather in Alaska makes it difficult for you to spend your golden years there, there’s always the Mecca of retirees: Florida. Residents of the Sunshine States don’t have to pay any income tax, which means they can rely on their pensions without a care in the world.
401(k)s and IRAs: Florida has no state taxes on distributions from 401(k) and IRAs distributions. No wonder retirees flock to Florida like no other state!
Social Security Benefits: Florida continues to be a retiree-friendly state when it comes to Social Security benefits, which are exempt from tax as well.
Income Tax Range: Not applicable since there is no income tax.

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13 thoughts on “14 States Where Your Pension Won’t Get Taxed”

  1. 13

    Great article
    Hope you follow up with other Tax issues/problem living in those state
    I.E sales taxes, Inheritance Tax (Wash bad)
    I am activly looking to get out of Calif
    Florida and Wy my two places so far

  2. 3

    What about Connecticut we are taxed to death!!! We need to get out share! The government is so critical to all those who have people who are like me on social security!! Plus all the people in this state that have loss their jobs due to the pandemic. I am a shame with the government and nothing they do for us!!!

  3. Washington State; correct, no income tax…yet! The Gov. has been pushing for one for years. Where did you get they don’t tax SS benefits?? They tax the crap out of me, both Social Security and 457 (like IRA’s) disbursements. And, every city/county has a sales tax as high as 10.3%.

  4. 1

    How many of these states have a high sales tax instead of taxing income? I know Washington does. No income tax – but state, counties and cities all charge sales tax.


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