10 Smart Tips To Never Pay Full Price for Anything Ever Again


Use cash-back portals

In basic terms, cashback sites can help you retrieve a percentage of what you’ve spent. You’re practically paid to shop. One very popular cash-back website is Rakuten. Creating an account on Rakuten is free and once you do that, you have access to over 2,500 merchants that give you back an outlay of your spending.

“The first thing is to look at how much cash you’re going to get back on the various deals and secondly, look at how they’re going to pay you,” explained Personal finance expert Sarah Pennells, from the website Savvywoman. “Some pay by check, others by bank transfer, some ask you to set up a PayPal account” she added.


Look for store ads

There’s no need to buy any newspapers before your shopping session to find out about the latest deals and discounts. You simply need to check what the stores post on their online pages on a weekly basis and go shopping when the offer suits your needs and budget.

For instance, you can find regular discounts at Costco, advertised on their websites, apart from their already low prices. You will find them at least once a month, under the name “warehouse savings”.  Therefore, before you head to your local Costco store or start shopping online, take a look at their Warehouse Savings webpage.

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