Vaccinated People Are Being Rewarded! (Here’s Exactly How)

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As outrageous as it sounds, COVID-19 has its merits. Due to this pandemic, we can enjoy certain discounts and freebies. However, these rewards aren’t for COVID-19 skeptics but for those who got their vaccine. Millions of Americans are vaccinated every single day, meaning that millions of people can enjoy these awesome perks.

If you’re one of them, grab your jacket and feel free to choose from any of the following discounts and freebies, because some companies thought that’s the best way to reward those who want to make a difference. After all, we are all in this together.

Without further ado, let’s expose these companies and their efforts! Ahh, and hats off to them!

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16 thoughts on “Vaccinated People Are Being Rewarded! (Here’s Exactly How)”

  1. 16

    This is such unbelievable bs! Are we Nazi Germany now? In other words if you do not want the vaccine you will be ostracized. This administration will soon tell us what we can eat, they have already go after us conservatives.

    1. 4

      Agreed – but TBH, it’s not ideological or partisan – it’s about those gazillions flowing into BIG PHARMA’S pockets from the cartoon “vaccine”. That, and how stupid, asleep and controlled are the dumbed down masses. Free Krispy Kremes?? Dumb on…

    2. The biggest benefit of NOT taking the experimental drug (it is not a vaccine) is that you are still alive to read about the ones who took the shot. Too many people are dying (many immediately after taking the shot) and too many medical complications AFTER taking the shot. People have the God-given right to decide for themselves.

  2. 10

    this is ridiculous to reward someone for getting vaccinated. I call it bribary. Its my decision not someone elses. My choice i am not going along with the crowds. Terrible way making kids get them.

    1. Kerry G Reinsel

      Very, Very SELFISH with extreme SELF ESTEEM issues…..
      The “THINK ONLY ABOUT YOURSELF” Generation……I am a Veteran AND I’d physically throw you out of my foxhole as you couldn’t be trusted to protect your fellow soldiers
      DISGUSTING !!!!!

      1. They are mNRA shots that change your genetic code. They are NOT true vaccines. You can still get and pass on COVID-19. If you’re lucky it might be a mild case. Women who have had the shots are experiencing miscarriages and stillbirths. Bell’s palsy is a fairly common side effect. In time more side effects of the emergency shots that haven’t gone through the approval process will emerge. I hope you get lucky and don’t experience them. At 73 I’d still have over 97% probability of survival. Boosting immune systems have kept many of us healthy. Since I’ve had anaphylactic reactions to 7 prescription drugs doctors agree the shots are more likely to kill me than the virus.

    2. Yes, totally your choice. For those that believe the conspiracy theories, and not science, behind the vaccine, honestly, giving you anything isn’t going to matter or change your mind. This isn’t meant for selfish people like you, it’s meant for people that are on the fence and may be holding out for other reasons not related to clown thinking. This might just give them the little push they need. Lots of companies do this as well with their employees. Of course there are ones that require it and give you a timeframe to get it completed by or don’t come back, but for others, they simply highly recommend it, and give employees a small token of their appreciation for doing so. It’s not a foreign concept.

  3. 4

    it should be a law everyone has to get the vaccine we need to get back to normal so get the vaccine or get thrown in jail

  4. 4

    I agree Della it is your choice,,, BUT ….. When u have someone that has died form this horrible virus,, u may change your mind,, I lost my husband to Covid and it wasnt a pretty sight,, Please reconsider your choice ,,, God Bless you and please be safe ,,,

  5. 3

    It should be a choice to get this shot, there are many who chose not to receive this shot (it is not a vaccination) due to health reasons and we should not be punished.! The government and now society are trying to control us!

    1. All the more reason to get the shot!! If you have health concerns the virus will be worse than the shot!! Get the shot it’s not a big deal! Don’t live in fear of a shot! If not for yourself do it for your kids and their kids and so on!!

  6. There may be an instance here and there that does not lend advisability to getting the covid vaccine, but
    choosing not to receive the vaccine shows a lack of applying critical thinking to this issue, and some
    very intelligent people have denied themselves this very important resource because of politics,
    conspiracy theories, or just plain pure cussedness towards society in general and an apathetic disregard
    even for the safety of there friends and family. Narcissism at its finest.

  7. I find it perplexing that some people believe every word on the virus topic from the same government that has been lying to us for decades.

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