The Last Great Companies To Ditch Russia

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3. Yum and the operators from its franchise 

When it left Russian territory: March 8th

There are restaurant chains that need to have a word with franchisees in order to make important decisions, such as shutting down their operations.

This was the case of Yum Brands, which owns several businesses, such as Habit Grill, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC. They said that they want to suspend the activity of the restaurant that is owned by KFC as well as the restaurant operations that belong to Pizza Hut.

In addition to that, the giant company stated that they are going to use the profits they made in Russia in order to help humanitarian causes.

According to sources, Yum owns over 50 Pizza Hut restaurants and 1,000 KFC locations in the Russian territory. They added the fact that the majority of these brands are conducted by independent owners.

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