7 Aldi Products That Beat The Originals by Far

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4. Harvest Morn Crisp Rice from Aldi

A YouTuber named Sopherina did an experiment while blindfolded, to decide which cereal tastes better between Kellogg’s Rice Crispies and the Harvest Morn Crisp Rice from Aldi.

She said that the grocery store version tasted better than the other ones. She stated that Aldi’s version gave off the impression that their product might be healthier than the other one. The best thing is that you can get the cereal you like for a lot less!

5. Aldi Brand Nature’s Nectar Apple Juice

According to the taste-tester Saundra Latham of Cheapism the products Mott’s 100 Percent Apple Juice and Aldi’s private-label Nature’s Nectar 100 Percent Apple Juice look, taste, and smell just the same.

At first, she was confused and believed that maybe she mismatched the cups, but she double-checked and didn’t feel any difference. Latham was very happy to find that Aldi’s version costs almost half as much per ounce.

6. Aldi’s Corale Premium Baked Beans

Another YouTuber, Sopherina, put two brands to the test, to discover which one is worth the money more! She tried Aldi’s Corale Premium Baked Beans and the Heinz version while she was blindfolded.

After she tried the items, she said that she enjoyed both of them just as much. Even though the flavor was the same, she stated that she prefers Aldi’s product, due to the fact that it costs a lot less.

7. Brand Burman’s Tomato Ketchup from Aldi 

There are many people who love the sweet ketchup from Heinz! They use it at barbecues, in burgers, with fries, and so many other foods. According to the blog called Cheapism, both Heinz and Aldi’s versions taste exactly the same and they even have similar packaging!

The best thing besides the fact that you won’t taste any difference, you will save some money!

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