7 Celebrities Who Have Died from Coronavirus

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We all hoped that the coronavirus pandemic would end with the arrival of the new year, but unfortunately things have not changed much lately. The overall situation remained almost unchanged, and the coronavirus cases have not decreased much. Not to mention that restrictions, prevention measures and social distancing rules have remained the same in almost every country in the world.

There are people among us who have been affected by this virus, whether it is their own person or their family members. Unfortunately, some of them probably lost relatives or loved ones these days.

Making a tough year even tougher: the loss of a beloved public figure can hurt us as badly as the death of a dear friend. Many celebrities revealed that they tested positive for COVID-19 in early 2020, and sadly, some of them weren’t lucky enough to recover from the disease. We’ve lost talented musicians, actors, comedians and other famous people who made us proud of our country.

In most cases, people who died of coronavirus had other comorbidities which also contributed to severe complications. As you already know, certain chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cancer can endanger people’s lives when they contract this virus.

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73 thoughts on “7 Celebrities Who Have Died from Coronavirus”

  1. 135

    The pandemic is ruthless, I lost my husband 12/22/2020 to Covid 19. We were married 53yrs. It is such a tragedy we have lost so many lives to this pandemic, all because Trump dropped the ball.

      1. 119

        Sorry you are so ill informed. Trump is responsible for the deaths of the several hundred thousands of people who believed his lies about covid-19. Most of his followers don’t even know he was vaccinated.

      2. NOTH, Linda Sheets is correct. Trump not only “dropped the ball”, which is putting it politely, he outright lied to the public about the Pandemic — claiming there were only a few people who had the virus and that it would be cleared up in a matter of a week. There are numerous public posts of Trump making those statements, including national T.V. FURTHERMORE, Trump during a public interview between him and Bob Woodward, Trump admitted to Woodward he did lie and did not disclose the truth to the public SO NOTH, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS ILL INFORMED AND WOULD STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE SPEWING YOUR LIES AND MISINFORMATION. IT CLEARLY SHOWS YOUR IGNORANCE.

    1. 259

      You’re a dim witt sweetheart. It’s no ones fault but China. Biden will be your savior with his wonderful intellect. Good luck bc you’re on your own with this moron.

      1. Marlene Sandra Tonnon

        Biden didn’t tell us “don’t worry about this virus it’s on its way out” and 500,000 people died because of his lack of knowledge about the virus and/or concern.

        1. 110

          Trump did lie about covid saying it’s like the flu and that it would go away which cost loss of those that died from the virus then he suggested to drink clorox does Trump have any brains in his head yet he’s supposed to be smarter than the scientists and our Military Generals and our Intelligence agencies I think not He’s a wanna be Dictator period that’s why his friends are Dictators

      2. 89

        Trump murdered over 500,000 people because he surprised knowledge of COVID-19. Trump supporters are so ignorant they don’t follow the logic of the epidemic mostly because Trump supporters are uneducated.

      3. Walter Coleman

        Trump spent January 2020 following an impeachment he had already won instead of preparing the nation for what was to come. He spent February trying to decide how to stay out of making any decisions on the pandemic until it caught up with him – and us – in March. We ended up with practically no testing to identify who was and who was not positive. Ran out of N-95 masks in just 3 weeks. Nearly completely out of sterile gloves and gowns. All because that clown in the White House was to busy lining his own pockets and, as it turns out, cheating on his taxes. You revere this man because you are an idiot. He doesn’t care about you any more than he cared about those rioters that will face a judge on their own. But you keep sending him your money. He’s going to need it. He is starting to get a LOT of legal fees.

      4. 47

        It started in China. Once it hit our shoes Trump, due to his relationship with China, was very resistant to blame them. He was just hesitant to fight the World Health Organization who, likewise embraced China’s lame defense and denials. It was not until it became evident of both that organization’s and China’s mishandling of things that Trump went on the offensive towards them in terms of blame. By that time many thousands had died due to many Americans following the presidents example and taking this disease not as seriously as they should have. In fact, when voters were polled and ask why they voted against him this was one of the main reasons he lost the election; mishandling of a worldwide pandemic. 25% of the worlds deaths came from USA, the worlds most technologically advanced nation; the country most equipped to fight it. Because like the president, we were initially too proud to be humble and make the adjustments.

      5. 56

        I don’t know you Dee don’t really want to .But you are one heartless human being . This woman lost her husband . Trump has groomed you well .

    2. 217

      I’m very sorry for your loss, but don’t blame it on Trump. He acted very quickly to curb the spread of the virus and develop a vaccine and took a lot of heat for it. Many thousands more would have died from it without Trump’s quick actions. The best Biden has been able to do concerning the virus is copy what Trump had already been doing for months. If you want to blame somebody put the blame where it belongs- the Chinese government who irresponsibly and knowingly spread the virus all over the world

      1. 140

        He acted very quickly to DENY that it even existed. How quickly did he act to stop the spread???? By holding massive political rally’s that turned into super spreader events??? By refusing to wear a mask???
        By SUPPOSEDLY contracting the virus himself??? We already have over 500,000 deaths JUST in the US , how many would be alive today if he had taken it seriously from the beginning??? Get your head out of your a** and go watch some more Fox News

        1. 118

          You asked how quickly did he act. Check your facts. He reacted 11 days after first diagnosed case. He closed the borders and for that he was called a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, and kindly remember it was Nancy Pelosi, AFTER he had closed the borders who stood in China Town declaring, ” There is NO PROBLEM COME ON DOWN TO CHINA TOWN”. And in March Biden went on tv and declared the closing of the border ridiculous, and called Trump every name in the book and said that he had lied to the public. NO PROBLEM or have you nicely overlooked all of those FACTS

      2. 123

        Trump did everything he could? Really. He didn’t follow the NIH or CDC info on how to be as safe as possible in Public. He himself did not recommend safety to anyone who thought his words were gosple.
        He opened up the country disregarding the number of people who were increasingly dying. He was not a role model and said after he tested positive for the virus for everyone “not to be afraid of the Virus”, how foolish and uncaring can he be? Did he expect that everyone would be able to have a team of Doctors like he had to make him well? I do believe they gave him something to help his memory too. He has been able to use full sentences and appropriate vocabulary since his hospitalization. Which is interesting.

      3. Marlene Sandra Tonnon

        Trump did not act quickly or swiftly nor did he give orders to anyone else to do so. When he was inaugurated Obama passed on to him “The Book” regarding pandemics and what to do should be be hit with one and a schematic to practice with. Typical of Trump he threw it away. He also waited until 500,000 people died then had the audacity to tell everyone don’t worry about the pandemic it’ll go away and put a noose around Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx from doing anything positive. Personally, I don’t care where the pandemic came from. I only care Trump’s a liar and did nothing for us. Oh sorry, I’m wrong. He did say we could take Lysol and/or Bleach.

        1. 95

          WRONG! He acted quicker than advised by anyone to stop travelers coming in from China. In return, YOU Libs labeled him a racist! Your GOD, Nancy, said there’s nothing to worry about everyone should attend the parade in San Francisco. Even when there was a mask mandate in that Liberal hell hole, Nancy was too good to follow it, and got her hair done at a business that was supposed to be closed.
          You should also care where the virus came from so it doesn’t happen again, You are obviously a brainwashed Lib who can’t stand facts!

      4. 52

        First summary of trump/virus that I respect.
        Unfortunately even with all of the obvious bad decisions Biden has made there are people who still hate trump & support Biden. It reminds me of my divorce….proof was given & still the judge didn’t even consider it !

      5. 66

        I’m curious, if trump acted so quickly to get rid of the virus and save lives, why did he say that he was always “downplaying” the seriousness of the virus?? Why would he need to downplay the seriousness of said virus if he wanted to save lives?? You are very much uninformed and it’s because you believe the lies of an accomplished full time lier!!!

      6. I’ m just curious that no one is talking about Fauci. He started all this by moving his experiment to China when Obama told him to discontinue his experiment. Wake up people.

    3. 82

      I am in France . I lost my spouse and my sister lost her spouse in France this too because of Donald Trump. Same with my cousin in India. All these countries were doing what Trump said .

    4. 152

      I think President Trump did everything humanly possible to fight this uniquely monstrous illness. Only Trump could have commandeered forces to develop vaccines in less than a year. You and others should be grateful for his courageous and outstanding efforts to save lives.

      1. 39

        Mary, so Trump having super spreader events didn’t contribute to the pandemic? I take it you are an uneducated deplorable?

      2. Walter Coleman

        Trump spent January 2020 following an impeachment he had already won instead of preparing the nation for what was to come. He spent February trying to decide how to stay out of making any decisions on the pandemic until it caught up with him – and us – in March. We ended up with practically no testing to identify who was and who was not positive. Ran out of N-95 masks in just 3 weeks. Nearly completely out of sterile gloves and gowns. All because that clown in the White House was to busy lining his own pockets and, as it turns out, cheating on his taxes. You revere this man because you are an idiot. He doesn’t care about you any more than he cared about those rioters that will face a judge on their own. But you keep sending him your money. He’s going to need it. He is starting to get a LOT of legal fees.

      3. 33

        Dear Fellow Human.
        I’m an Army Brat. Dad was on the medical side. Mom was always prepared for a disaster . I never questioned it. Soooooo. I’m 61 now. You do the math. If knowledge about potential dangers were known among military staff then why wouldn’t those things be known now . And please know that’s before the age of the Internet and other techy forms of communication . Also if there was a lab breach those persons responsible have probs long been executed by the Chinese government . Also what purpose is there in studying variants that dangerous . It’s one thing to be able to identify things dangerous to a local inhabitants – but anything further makes no sense unless for biological warfare purposes. Making a vaccine for the local community would make more sense.

      4. 53

        if you like Trump so much -did you take the bleach as a cureall-oh by the way I guess he did not have anything to do with JAN 6-WHY DON’T YOU GO TO FLORIDA AND KISS HIS RING LIKE ALL THE SPINELESS REPS

    5. Roger E Lindsey

      The Chinese dropped the ball, not Trump. It is sad that left wingers try to blame everything on Trump.

    6. 54

      Trump did not drop the ball. Thanks to trump many lives were saved when he shut down flights from China and Europe. Biden called him a racist etc. for doing so. Do some research the Virus came from the Fauci supported Wuhan lab with the intent to allow mail in ballots and election fraud.

    7. 51

      So sorry for your loss. But you are 100% correct. Trump calling it a hoax and ignoring for so long killed many that should not have died if he wasn’t such an uneducated wimpy coward. Dumbest President ever. Thank God our country voted this Big Liar and traitor to America out! God Bless!

    8. 54

      Linda, I am sorry for the loss you experienced. You are not alone. Many of us have been affected similarly.
      Actually Linda, the only reason this virus attacked the world is because of China. They were doing very dangerous research on viruses without proper knowledge to do it safely. This virus was likely being modified to attack humans for use in a biological weapon. It escaped the lab in Wuhan and the rest is history. China is responsible untold suffering and the death of millions of beloved people who left this world prematurely.
      Sorry, but the way you have tried to politicize the loss of your husband makes me question your sincerity and intentions.

    9. 54

      Sorry about the loss of your husband. You shouldn’t watch CNN which said that President Trump had no plan to combat Covid-19. Look up Operation Warp Speed.

    10. 51

      Trump didn’t drop the ball. What is the matter with you people. Everyone know all the crap they did to steal the election. NOW LOOK AR THE MESS WE ARE IN WITH MINDLESS JOW AND HIS DEMON PACK. UGH. WAIT AND SEE IT WILL GET WORSE UNTILPRESIDENT TRUMP GET BACK IN AND HE WILL.

    11. 53

      Sorry you lost your husband to the Covid 19, but really, how can you possibly blame President Trump….he was doing all he could to handle the pandemic. The virus came from China…Trump didn’t bring it over to the U.S.

    12. 40

      So sorry for your loss. Covid 19 is a horrible disease, which has claimed many more lives than necessary. Trump has himself to blame for so many deaths. I don’t know he sleeps at night.

    13. 34

      Yes he is he knew about the severity of the virus before it became a pandemic and continued to play it down…because of him, we lost so many to Covid…even one was too many…and now..we are paying for his rederic rants…he needs to be found guilty on all counts and especially Jan. 6…….who does this type of actions? He and his family and cronies do…not fit to even teach school to kindergarten kids..he is an evil man Satan’s spawn as far as I am concerned.

  2. 34

    You left out John Prine! A great American Singer/Songwriter! He died in Nashville, after he and his wife both got sick.

    1. 63

      It’s the RESPONSE of the leader (sic) of the free world that people are concerned with. Since he does not
      listen to the Scientist, Doctors and others who know more than he. He lied to everyone and admitted this
      on tape…and he knew he was being recorded too. What arrogance.

    2. 20

      How can people believe Trump’s lies? The virus wasn’t manufactured in China, or anywhere else. Nor was it part of a plot! Trump even admitted he had lied about it. Do you really believe any country could cause so many deaths of its citizens? Do you believe scientists can actually manufacture a virus? Please do some research, educate yourself.

  3. 81

    It sounds like your husband dropped the ball. If he had taken the ChiCom virus seriously and self isolated, he would be alive today and you wouldn’t have Mr. Trump to scapegoat

  4. 96

    Condolences on the loss of your husband.
    Also condolences for your false assumption that his & others’ passing are due to Trump ‘dropping the ball’. What a juvenile assumption to make.

    1. 28

      Juvenile? Absolutely not! Well informed? Yes, absolutely!! Assumption? Not at all. Fact? Yes, as reported by every foreign and American media except for FOX and extreme right wing talk radio.

  5. 31

    I see the Trumpists are out. Trump definitely dropped the ball he knew about the virus in January and he admitted he wanted to keep it on the hush hush on the down low he wouldn’t put in a mask mandate which would have saved a hell of a lot of lives. He refused to wear a mask until he caught covid and then he made a big production out of it at the White House after arriving by helicopter, and took off his mask and put it in his pocket. His refusal for wearing masks cost numerous people in the White House to get covid or to die from covid think of Herman Cain. He held Rally’s with no masks numerous ones of them and how many people caught covid or died from those rallies. he also didn’t commandeer these companies to put out a covid-19 vaccine they were already working on it before he even said anything all he did was say I’ll give you a million dollars to come up with a vaccine and he did that with Pfizer, in fact it may have been more than a million dollars. Dr Fauci has said he feared he would get covid just by going in the White House because nobody wore a mask, masks prove to save lives and he refused to put in a requirement for masks he left it up to the states if he took control or if he even cared about how many people were dying or getting covid he would have done something about it. Remember the Rose Garden event where numerous people became sick with the coronavirus. Do you call that responsible or caring about people? He checked out of the coronavirus epidemic middle of 2020. He was just done with it he didn’t want to deal with it he didn’t want to do anything about it. So your fearless leader actually cost numerous lives and people being sick in the last year. in fact most Republican governors refused to put in mask mandates
    until people started dying in the thousands, they also didn’t report the actual covid numbers, for example Florida which did not, in fact they hid the numbers for a time and refused to release the actual numbers. So tell me do you think Republicans really care about you? Not!

  6. 67

    it is amazing to me the ignorance of some people. Not only did he call it a hoax and said it would go away very soon but he invited a bunch of insurrectionists to the Capitol and waged war on our democracy. All for another one of his lies. ( That the election was stolen)
    grew up knowing this guy in NY , he has always been a criminal and a con man. What a bunch of naive people who fell for his bull shit.

    1. 34

      Truer words have never been said. Trump was an inadequate, inappropriate, irresponsible “leader” of this great country. He could not see beyond his own ego. His lies were consistent and when spoken often enough, they were believed by his gullible followers.

  7. 34

    Nancy and so many others here. When are you going to open your eyes. I thought Biden was going to be so good that all you democrats voted for him. He really never said what he was planning only that he would raise our taxes and that he did and is not finished yet. In 4 month he has ruined our economy, destroyed unemployment, we were for the first time in history Energy Independent, well Biden destroyed that, the taxes don’t hurt the rich they hurt us regular people. Today people don’t want to work because they make more money with unemployment so businesses can’t get help and their business fails. Biden wants us to be dependent on Government and that is another way of creeping in socialism and that people leads to communism. He will go down as the first President to have almost destroyed our Country or he may really do it with his cronies. Thank God for the people are starting to wake up. Curtailing our speech, propagandizing our children in schools and turning them against other people of color, and making more about racism than there is, yes there is a problem But not all white and black hate each other. It is horrible. Spending money in our government, we can’t pay it back. Our grandchildren will be burdened with the debt. What about the Russian lies on Trump. Gee whiz didn’t Biden OPEN UP THE PIPELINE TO RUSSIA, now who is a Russian lover. And all the Social blah blah the liberals are going to turn our Country into Communism unless we do something about it. AND as far as Jan. 6 the riots started before Trump was there. People please wake up we are AMERICANS and should be proud of the freedoms we have. Really there is no other Country in the world like ours and that is because of our blessing we had from God. China, China, China will stab us in the back all the time. They hate us but love our money. They NEVER live up to any agreement they make, like Iran another hater of America. China wants to dominate the world and they are so sneaky like snakes. They strike when the time is right. They are planning so many takeovers. Can’t say Jesus or even Merry Christmas changing how you call your Mother it is so dangerous to what is happening here and so many of you are worried about Trump. What you all should remember is this, even if you are a Trump hater, HE IS A BUSINESSMAN AND GETS THE JOB DONE. HE DOESN’T SPEAK LIKE A POLITICIAN OR ACT LIKE ONE I AM SCREAMING NOW ” HE IS A BUSINESSMAN AND HE LOVES THIS COUNTRY, WHY CAN’T YOU GET IT. Sure he is a bit rough but you know where he stands unlike Politicians they mostly lie through their teeth and do not keep promises. How in the world did Biden become a millionaire of many millions when he never had a job except as a politician for 47 plus years and has homes all over the place. He can’t speak right and I really feel sorry for him, it is horrible that he has no morals anymore to be handled the way the cronies are handling him. He can’t answer question because he will get in trouble. How pathetic is that and, he is our President? Can’t you see what is happening in front of your eyes. People wake up time is getting very short and I am worried for our beloved America as we knew it. As for the virus thank God Trump closed our borders. All the Dems didn’t want him to do that. Trump made history and that is a fact about the vaccine getting to us as soon as it did. AGH the Democrats do not want trump to have any success they are just jealous of how quickly he did it. You see if they were in charge they would have meeting after meeting and in a few years after they made all the money they could squeeze out then a vaccine would become available. That is how our government works. PS. I have never to my memory made a public statement like this before and I will not read any of the comments so don’t waste your time. Pray for our Country and for the Militaries defending it and don’t forget the local police they are doing a great Job helping all people. Note to you bad police, leave the force and get another job. I am not angry at all just telling you like it is.

  8. 27

    If we consider “cover 19” with logic, we will begin to understand that the world was engaged in a war with a virus. A virus, a biological event that no one could accurately predict with 100% accuracy. Given the world did not act as one unit to investigate this biological event and did not work as one unit to attempt to resolve this biological event – the world was placed in the position of suffering the consequences of an uncontrolled deadly biological event. No one Country, no one leader, no one scientist, fully understand the extent of the virus and its ability to spread and its impact on humans worldwide. Not until it became a world wide disaster did the world leaders begin to understand the toll that would be taken. However, those who engineered this virus, either through purpose or accident, knew. They knew from the beginning and they knew what the toll would be. They chose, either through “I don’t care”, “I want this to happen” or “I am embarrassed”, to NOT INFORM others. Everyone has their suspicions as to who was “Patient Zero” and who was “Country Zero” and who the perpetrators were and are. Time always tells the truth and the truth will eventually be found out. We would do well to stop blaming each other and everyone else and look to restoring the physical. emotional, mental and financial health of the people…..all the people…..on the planet we all share…..Earth.

  9. 31

    I know you don’t want to read this, let alone accept the truth of it, but President Trump put limits on travel way before Fauci and his minions believed it necessary. They poo-pooed him and laughed at his travel bans, no to mention the HUGE numbers of idiots roaming the streets of Portland, OR protesting, robbing, looting, and generally causing havoc to that city, and believe me, they weren’t Trump supporters. Just ask Maxine Waters! Just sayin’.

  10. 30

    No cogress dropped the ball. Whn Trump wanted to shut the borders everyone called him a racist. It’s not his fault that people can’t think for themselves. No matter what Trump said or did ,Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of their colleagues shot him down. We would not have had the vaccine so quickly if not for trump.

    1. I believe Hunter Biden brought it to the USA from China. Once covid started the heat on him stopped. The Dems then used covid to control the election which is the ONLY way Biden won. Why wasn’t anything done to Hillary for all her treasonous acts? Dems again I guess. You can do that but we can. Hmmm


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